Summer 2014 LIF recipients

Nana C E Adubea Toa-Kwapong | accra, Ghana

The goal of this project is to renovate Sakyikrom United Primary School (SUPS), located in South-Eastern Ghana, and established in 1944. The single school building in a deplorable condition and is under imminent threat of closure. Last rainy season, a tree fell onto the school, weakening the structure. Rain pours through holes in the tattered roof into the classrooms, making it uncomfortable for pupils to learn and teachers to instruct in the school building. This project aims to reinforce the structure and repair the roof, so pupils and teachers of SUPS may be safe and the children stay in school.

Alizarin Menninga | Benito Juarez, Mexico

This project aims to better enable La Colmena, an autonomous free space started through a 2012 Live It grant, to enact its mission of cost-free education, open-idea exchange and sustainability. La Colmena has become an incredible effort in community organizing that allows individuals to work together to explore global citizenship as autonomy. By setting up a free-lending library and hydroponic orchard, this project will provide La Colmena with resources to build a stronger community and continue establishing itself as a safe space where healthy living and ideological exchange coexist.

Welile Zwane  | Mdzangwini, Swaziland

This project is based in a small village called Mdzangwini, on the outskirts of the capitol city Mbabane (in Swaziland). This community has a population of approximately 200 people. Mdzangwini is not a very developed place, there are dirt roads, only one bus is available for transportation, and one convenience store. But most important of all, the people there don’t have access to clean water. This project will help accomplish the goal of starting and developing a water system Mdzangwini. This will be done through working with already enthusiastic community members to build a reliable water system.