January 2016 LIF Recipients


Eloá and Emily’s project was inspired by the importance of literature, and in particular multicultural literature, in the development of underserved children both intellectually and as empowered global citizens. They created a lending library at a local tutoring center which contains culturally relevant books for local youth to read and check out. They also researched other tutoring centers in the Twin Cities to see if having a similar lending library would improve their program. Through their project they were able to create a model program that could potentially be used by other tutoring programs wishing to create similar libraries. 


Peace worked to develop a small scale community biogas plant to combat the lack of electricity and to assist a local community in Zimbabwe’s capital. With the Live It fund, he purchase the equipment kit from South Africa and worked with a team of students from a local high school to plan and install the plant. They also started thinking about possible future large-scale projects that could come out of this project, such as seeking sponsorships and generating operating revenues through selling reusable biogas lamps and hot plates. This pilot project opened opportunities for larger future projects and served as a learning experience for all who were involved.


Mwanza, Tanzania, has a very well organized public transportation system of private daladala minibuses but no maps of that system. Over J-Term, Justin began to collect GPS points and worked to create a simple map of the daladala system. The project helped local organizations and served as a pilot for future mapping of public transport systems in Tanzania and Africa generally.