January 2017 LIF Recipients


This project started with the 18 students from 7th grade that participated in the Live It Fund project of summer of 2016. This students spent one week during J-term learning how to effectively teach advanced mathematics to other students with the mentorship of an experienced math olympiad trainer and tutorial videos were made by the 18 students. These videos will be uploaded to a platform that will be used for more than 100,000 students starting in April 2017. The Platform will detect talented 5th and 6th grade students in mathematics from the metropolitan zone of Guadalajara, Mexico.


Dare to Dream for DREAMers addresses the problem of unequal access to higher education for undocumented students through a college-access program that provides the resources, mentors, and guidance to navigate the college application process and. The project also creates an accessible website that provides information, tips, news, and online resources for undocumented students pursuing higher education.


I worked with local handymen in Hanoi, Vietnam to successfully build a plastic shredder and a plastic compressor machine and showcased at public events to raise awareness of plastic recycling in Hanoi. Although I did not have enough time to test-run the compressor before returning to Mac, I had the chance to showcase both machines at public events. The project received great attention and enthusiasm from the community. Beside building the machines, I also conducted several interviews and surveys to gained a deeper understanding of urban citizens’ recycling habits and how plastics are currently being recycled in Hanoi.


Archiving Queerness in the Two Chinas: In this pilot project, I attempted to find a location for a Chinese-language queer archiving project. I investigated the political and economic possibility of having it Beijing vs Taipei, existing archival projects, and potential LGBT organizations to partner with. With the material, connections, and reflections I have gained, I hope to move on to the next step: building the queer archive.


For my Live It fund project, I worked with Latinx teens to design and construct a collaborative, painted mural based on social justice issues. This group of kids demonstrated to me their perspective and passion of global citizenship, through their intentional decisions they made about their art; through their efforts to create intentional imagery to promote peace and compassion to a universal audience.


My project was on college preparation for High School students at Metro College Prep Highschool. I did workshops for students on the college application process, financial aid, and resources available for them once they go into college.


Papad is a value added product that women in the household produce to supplement the income that they get from selling raw grain in the market. I conducted a workshop on the basic premises of a self help group and facilitated the process of formation of a enterprise group of women. After the formation of the group, I did a feasibility assessment of various machines that can be incorporated in the enterprise to reduce the product quality and volume issues. I worked on market and financial feasibility and developed the business model and facilitated a session with the women entrepreneurs along with a community consultant to train them on the enterprise processes, business model and market requirements. By the end of J-term, I had conducted one training program in the village and the installation of machinery had begun which would enable the women to produce papad for retail.


The Circles Project uses sex-positive, inclusive and empowering education to fight gender-based violence in Vietnam. Circles’ J-term Project aimed to accomplish three things: surveying the needs and demands of high school teachers and administrators in Saigon, Vietnam through interviews and direct conversations; reaching out and learning from other organizations and nonprofits; organizing two pilot sex- education workshops for high school students. Knowledge gained from these accomplishments will help me build the next steps and develop Circles, including bring our sex-ed workshops into high schools.