Original Work Is Required

Your product or service must be the original product of the team and its members. Concepts, coding, project development activity used previously for classwork or private implementation are not allowed as part of Macathon projects. However, team members are encouraged to consult peers, interested faculty members, Macathon judges, and planning committee members with any questions about the viability or development of their concepts and presentations.

Team Agreement

As anyone who has seen the movie The Social Network knows, there can be disputes about the ownership of intellectual property. We advise teams to agree that the concepts, ideas, products, and services developed by their team during and for the Macathon become the property of all team members. You may wish to sign a written agreement with your teammates when entering this contest.

Macalester College Will Not Own What You Create

The college has no claim to the concepts, ideas, products and services developed during and for the Macathon.

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