Each team will prepare and deliver to the judging panel a 9-minute verbal/visual presentation of a technology-enabled product or service (mobile application, website, software application, traditional product or service, etc.). The product or service may be designed for commercial use or for non-profit use.

The presentation must be the original product of the team and its members.

Students will be judged on three main criteria:

  1. The problem: what type of a problem are they trying to solve? Is it a significant problem? What is the size of the market? (this could be either in the commercial or non profit space) How do they know it is a problem?
  2. The solution: how compelling, innovative is their idea/solution? Have they been able to build a functional prototype which solves some segment of the problem?
  3. Presentation: were students able to effectively community, were they prepared, did the demo work, did they have an understanding of the ways to scale and the risks?

To better credit programming and technical work that may be difficult to show in a presentation, a “tech check” will be conducted with each team on Saturday, prior to the team presentations. This "tech check" is your team’s opportunity to share with the judges specifics about technology used, process, and completed coding.

Concepts, coding, project development activity used previously for classwork or private implementation are not allowed as part of Macathon projects. However, team members are encouraged to consult peers, interested faculty and via the Facebook page, Macathon judges and planning committee members with any questions about the viability or development of their concepts and presentations.

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