• Funkathon will be held Friday, February 16th to Saturday Feburary 17th in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center.
  • Team captains have to be in Arts Common (Janet Wallace) at 4:30 PM on Friday. Teams can start working in assigned room after receiving packet and T-shirts. Team members will be able to come in and out of Olin Rice and Janet Wallace throughout the event until 12:30 AM. Doors are locked between 12:30 AM and 7:00 AM for safety reasons.
  • Final presentations will be held in Mairs Concert Hall in Janet Wallace at 4:30 PM after dinner. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!


Snacks and beverages will be available throughout the event. Meals will be at scheduled times. Please check schedule for information as to location and meal time.


Your work must be the original of the team and created during the event. However, team members are encouraged to consult peers, interested faculty, Funkathon judges, and planning committee members with any questions about performance and recording. Macalester College has no claim to the concepts, ideas, works developed during and for the Funkathon.

Friends and Family

  • Friends and family are invited to the semifinal round and/or the final presentations.
  • They must stay for the full event duration and not leave after you have presented (semifinal or final).
  • Family and friends are also welcome to visit (but not hang around) during other portions of the event.