2016 Mac Startups Teams:

Haystak (Emily Roebuck, Anne McEvoy, and Emily Sanford) is a mobile-friendly website that allows people to find syringe exchange programs near them and review their experiences all in one place. By having up-to-date, location-specific information about these programs, Haystak makes it quick and easy to find and review these services. Our user reviews allow people to make decisions about where to go based off of first-hand information that was previously only available by word-of-mouth. Haystak is a proud supporter of harm reduction and aims to reduce stigma and empower people to be healthier in all that they do.

Savery Eats (Logan Stapleton, Haihan (Angelica) Lin, and Hoang Anh Thai Vu) is a new way to save money and eat healthy. We aim to reduce food waste and increase access to good food by offering in-store discounts on surplus inventory in food retail.

RSVTea (Sarah Nichols and Liam Downs-Tepper) At RSVTea, we celebrate every day through social energy. We believe that any victory- big and small- is an occasion to honor ourselves for what we are: awesome. We infuse this concept into our line of clean energy drinks made from fizzy black tea sweetened with natural, 0-calorie, low-GI ingredients. We not only present a healthier option than conventional energy drinks, but we promote an inclusive brand so that anyone can feel like they’re the life of the party. At RSVTea, we believe that the act of celebrating reinvigorates us just as much as the 150mg of caffeine in our drinks, and we wanted to create a company that embodies those good vibes we feel when we celebrate with friends and family. We are a pick-me-up with a perspective that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy anywhere, anytime. RSVTea: Everyone’s Invited.

Secret League (Joe Trier, Ben Sydel, and Vivi Gregorich) is a platform designed to broadcast on-campus pickup sports events, facilitating games and meet ups that encourage all levels of competition. Using dynamic scheduling, skill level separation combined with a campus-centric approach, we aim to change the way college students play pickup sports.

ConstellationMSP (Josh Marcus and Mitchell Peterson) The Twin Cities are home to an amazingly diverse community of artists and creatives, each with their own stories and knowledge. ConstellationMSP wants to document this and bring it to the people. Over the course of the next year, we will interview 100 of the most ground-breaking, innovative and influential creatives in the Twin Cities. We will ask each person the same set of questions, and we will organize their answers into a searchable digital wisdom vault that’s easy to use and focused on community. There are many creative bright spots in the Twin Cities, and we want to help people see the lines that connect them.

Polyglot Languages (Gloria Odoemelam, Becky Githinji, and Lilian Vo) is a community driven language learning platform for endangered, minority, and underrepresented languages.

Tukki (John Moahoang and Ayoub Belemlih) is a web application where students can share and access information about study away programs. Students will be able to share tips from their study away experiences and search for countries and programs based on specific characteristics, location, or rankings.