• Kate Ryan Reiling

    Entrepreneur in Residence
    Library 267


    Kate Ryan Reiling ’00 was named Macalester College’s inaugural Entrepreneur-in-Residence in 2015 and is responsible for the strategic direction of entrepreneurial programs within the Macalester community.  In this role, Kate leverages her 20 years of experience scaling early stage ventures and strategic leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. She creates and supports processes that build innovative solutions to solve problems that matter. Kate founded and led the creative board game company, Morphology Games, from its inception in 2009 through successful license in 2012, during which time it won numerous awards including Time Magazine’s #2 Toy of the Year.  Kate graduated from Macalester with a BA in political science cum laude. While at Macalester, Kate was a three-time All-American soccer player and national champion.  In 2010, she was named to the NCAA Division III Silver Anniversary Teams and celebrated as one of the top 11 players in the history of women’s Division III soccer.  Kate received her MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University where she was recipient of the Arnold F. Adams, Jr. Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship. She lives in South Minneapolis with her husband and her most recent start-up idea: a toddler named Acadia.

  • Jody Emmings

    Jody Emmings

    Entrepreneurship Program Manager
    Library 266

    Jody Emmings manages operations through designing and implementing strategies related to programming and all entrepreneurial initiatives. Jody also leads the vision of the Idea Lab to be a community hub of creativity, experimentation and innovation, collaborating with students, faculty and departments across campus. Prior to coming to Macalester, Jody worked at the Pohlad Family Foundation. A certified welder and visual artist, Jody owns a small business called Hot House Metal where she creates custom architectural metalwork. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, tending her backyard chickens and biking the streets of her St. Paul neighborhood.

  • Elice Brunnette

    Engagement Coordinator
    Library 268

    Elice Brunnette serves the liaison in developing a dynamic network of Macalester’s alumni entrepreneurs and innovators. In this position, Elice is committed to discovering new opportunities to support and celebrate entrepreneurship. Co-founding the Bear Coffeehouse and Wine Bar in 2012, Elice brings her own entrepreneurial experience to the role, as well as passion for community building. Outside of work, she loves outdoor recreation, canoeing specifically, and painting animal portraits of all sorts.

  • Pete Hall

    Administrative Coordinator
    Library 266

    Pete Hall ‘18 is a new addition to the team but not to Macalester. In his current role, he is the engine of the Entrepreneurship team, driving the administrative systems and event logistics while supporting the overall strategy. He also works with and empowers the industrious Entrepreneurship student employees. While a student at Macalester, Pete majored in Neuroscience Studies, was a stalwart of the Mac Men’s Soccer team, and took (and loved) Kate’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship class. After graduating and prior to working in Entrepreneurship, Pete was briefly in charge of the Student Employment Program at Macalester. Outside of Mac you can find him relaxing at one of the many nearby lakes or wishing he had a dog to play with.

Entrepreneurship Student Staff

  • Aberdeen Morrow
    I find myself grinning with delight every time I walk in to this rainbow-colored, energy-filled space. I’m here to share and maintain the Idea Lab as a place to unleash creativity and release stress, to brainstorm and innovate, to befriend others and to re-center yourself, and to create whatever your soul is feelin’—be it a collage, social change, or anything in between.
  • Aidan Keefe
    I love using my hands to shape what is around me. Working in the Idea Lab gives me the opportunity to do that. This is a space where if you can think it you can do it and that is what I love.
  • Camilla Bendetti
    Entrepreneurship is important in a space like Macalester. We are full of people with different ideas, backgrounds, and personalities – the IdeaLab gives us a space to explore that. Entrepreneurship is cultivating what what makes you – you, to benefit our community.
  • Daijiro Yokota
    I love new ideas and talking about it with people. Bring your idea to me at any time and maybe we can work together! I’d love to be your resource and help connecting you with other students/entrepreneurs!
  • Doan Khanh (DK)
    I have a big interest in innovative design technology which requires a high level of observation, creative & logical thinking process. In addition, the entrepreneur mindset drives me to apply my ability to contribute to the surrounding community.
  • Ethan Moskal
    I love exploring entrepreneurship and the Twin Cities startup community. It gives me a lot of energy and keeps me hopeful for the future. But I also strive to have a little bit of everything in my life (drumming, design, acting, writing and performance). I’m happiest around new people and new surroundings (I love to learn!) so please come to talk to me about anything and everything.
  • Koada Heacock
    I am a silly little bear from up North, and up West, from the piney mountain valleys of Montana, where wildlife is abundant and opportunity is scarce. The idea lab is the perfect place for bears to chill, and I thought that it could use a little extra wildness. Sometimes I think Mac kids are way too goal oriented and speedy, and I think they just need a second to do some things that have nothing to do with anything.
  • Linda Lu
    I love tinkering and exploring new creative outlets.
  • Ling Ma
    I am a sophomore major in computer science. I love challenges, programming, and all kinds of visual arts. Being a leading explorer in idea lab is a part of my adventure for my life in college.
  • Malini Basu
    I want to make the Idea Lab more inviting, less intimidating and open to everyone. I’m always willing to share tips on how to use materials or polish up a project. I’m especially handy with the sewing machines, so feel free to ask me for help!
  • Mphatso Simbao
    Skills that help me create new opportunities, products and experience are what I love building most and I can’t think of any place besides the Idea Lab where these skills can be brought into play constantly through events, workshops and day to day activities. The people are awesome and really friendly and it’s fun listening to their ideas while sharing your own and learning new ways to go about problems, network and collaborate.
  • Phoebe Fu
    I love the seemingly infinite possibilities in the Idea Lab. As long as the idea exists, it’s possible to create. I am here to guide, direct, help, or even just hang out with anyone who needs or wants it in the space.
  • Yukeria Haywood
    I love inviting people who have never been to the Idea Lab and encouraging them to use the space to unleash their creativity. It excites me to see people working on projects, and I love helping them find the tools they need to be satisfied with their work. I also enjoy finding different ways to make things work by applying problem-solving skills through crafts.
  • Zeam Porter
    I am a deep feeler and thinker and believe art is not just an empathic tool but a tool for healing. Creativity driven by introspection and deep reflection is my jam and overall driving force. With a mind set on community building through innovative storytelling, I am a zinester at heart; hoping to spread the joy of zine making.

Entrepreneurship Student Staff Alumni

  • Calvin Dretske ’19
    I am excited for the Idea Lab to become a space that unites the Macalester community. As the Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees, I hope to facilitate conversations in the Idea Lab around issues currently facing the Macalester student body. Additionally, I hope to craft experiences that bring together students, staff, and faculty from across the Macalester community.
  • Carolyn Guddal ’19
    I believe that the act of making is empowering. The Idea Lab to me is the perfect space for students to explore how they can create real solutions to the worlds’ problems. I’m committed to making the Idea Labs resources accessible for everyone on campus.
  • Elston Tortuga ’19
    I love getting the lay of the land in every new place I go – finding the best coffee shops, the tree with a crook in it where I can read. In the Idea Lab I’ve found the opportunity to get the lay of Macalester by seeing what brings people to the space – decorating their sneakers on a whim, making a model of their dream city for class, gossiping, patching jeans, etc.
  • Mariah Sitler ’19
    I believe that the act of making is empowering. The Idea Lab to me is the perfect space for students to explore how they can create real solutions to the worlds’ problems. I’m committed to making the Idea Labs resources accessible for everyone on campus.
  • Peace Im ’19
    I am an artist and an engineer who loves innovative ideas and building new things. I wish to bring my creativity into the Idea Lab and learn many different skills from others. In addition, I want to make the Idea Lab a welcoming space for everyone.
  • Wendy Franco ’19
    I am an art lover and love the fact that I have a space on campus where I can just create, without having to worry about a grade. I’ve come to use the Idea Lab as a personal and professional outlet, as I create for both myself and my professional portfolio. Today, the Idea Lab represent both art expression and intellectual growth for me as I continue to use the space for my makeup artistry ventures.
  • Rose Havener ’19
    I’ve always been passionate about using great design to bring people together, making a great meal for friends and family, collaborating with fellow artists for an event, or creating an appealing interface for an app, creating for and with people is what I love. I get to apply that same attitude in the Idea Lab when I run workshops, create promotional flyers, and make the space inviting to all by decorating and rearranging.
  • Toan Thanh Doan ’19
    I draw inspirations from blue, oceanic, and cultural beauties. I love dancing and hate double standards, for example: American ironic non-sense of small talk “How are?” The Idea Lab is a place full of paradoxes, which is why we continue to investigate it with creativity and open criticism.
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