• Kate Ryan Reiling

    Kate Ryan Reiling

    Entrepreneur in Residence
    Library 267


    Kate Ryan Reiling ’00 was named Entrepreneur in Residence in 2015.  Kate founded Morphology Games in 2009. A year later, TIME magazine named Morphology the #2 Toy of the Year. Kate was responsible for all facets of growth leading to its successful licensing in 2013. Kate then joined InboxDollars, a local tech startup as Director of Product and a member of the leadership team.  Early in her career, she worked in the non-profit sector as Development and Program Manager for Spare Key of Minnesota and Director of Programs and Outreach for the Minnesota Thunder PLUS.  She currently serves as co-chair on the Breakthrough Twin Cities’ board. Kate received her MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and her BA from Macalester where she was a Political Science major, a 3-time All-American soccer player and national champion.

  • Jody Emmings

    Jody Emmings

    Entrepreneurship Program Manager
    Library 266

    Jody Emmings came to Macalester in 2015. In her role, she manages programming for Entrepreneurship, including the Idea Lab, and works in direct collaboration with the Entrepreneur in Residence to create and implement strategies and activities related to the program. She is responsible for collaborating across campus in support of the Idea Lab and Entrepreneurship programming. Prior to coming to Macalester, Jody worked at the Pohlad Family Foundation and Blackhawks Soccer Club. A certified welder and visual artist, Jody owns a small business called Hot House Metal where she creates custom architectural metalwork. In her spare time, she enjoys tending her backyard chickens and biking the streets of her St. Paul neighborhood.

  • Jenny Moeller

    Administrative Coordinator
    Library 266

    Jenny Moeller is new to Macalester. As Administrative Coordinator, she supports the Entrepreneur in Residence and Entrepreneurship Program Manager. She is excited to be working with the student staff in the Idea Lab. Outside of Macalester, Jenny is Artistic Director of Raw Sugar, a feminist theater company, producing new works in the Twin Cities. She is a freelance theater artist and storyteller with a huge passion for helping others see their vision to reality. Jenny believes that all people have a story to tell and we can learn from sharing together.

  • Entrepreneurship Student Staff

  • Paul Barsz ’20
    Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania
    Major: International Studies
    Entrepreneurship definition: Taking YOUR idea and making it a reality that’s accesible to the people.
    Bio: Paul is a sophomore here at Mac. Oftentimes, you will find him jamming out to music all over campus. He is involved with the radio station, WMCN, and the frisbee team, Blue Monkeys. Come say hi at the Idea Lab. He’d love to hear what you think and what you want to CREATE!
  • Dio Cramer ’20
    Hometown: Takoma Park Maryland
    Major: Environmental Studies
    Minor: Geography or Art
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is turning creative ideas or processes into a marketable business. Entrepreneurship is both problem solving and idea creating. Often entrepreneurship is associated with the desire of money above all else, but I believe there can be more conscious entrepreneurship that means to do good for the world.
    Bio: Dio can’t sit still, so instead, she channels that energy into creativity. She loves projects and creating things and problem solving. Dio is interested in sustainable design, letter fonts but is not great at reading.
  • Toan Thanh Doan ’19
    Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Major: International Studies
    Minors: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Psychology
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is using innovative thinking to engage with the world in a meaningful manner. It is a way of thinking, not just a means of practice. Social entrepreneurship is additionally characterized by community, collaboration, and intentionality.
    Bio: Toan hails from Vietnam and is a junior at Macalester. He is an International Studies major, with minors in Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Toan is also a dancer, cook, coffee-aholic, ice-cream-lover, and dog-adorer. He received Live It! Fund Jterm 2017 for a project on inclusive sex education in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


  • Calvin Dretske ’19
    Hometown: Winona, MN
    Major: Political Science Major
    Minor: Educational Studies
    Entrepreneurship definition: I believe entrepreneurship to be the process of innovating with the intention of solving a problem.
    Bio: Calvin is a political science major from southeastern Minnesota. He enjoys camping, traveling, and wine nights with his parents.
  • Jaime Hasama ’18
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Major: Bio
    Minor: Psych
    Entrepreneurship definition: The process of finding issues in our lives and using creativity to find a solution.
    Bio: Jaime is a beach lover from Los Angeles, CA. She plays on the Women’s Soccer team at Mac and is studying Biology and Psychology. She likes to travel to tropical places like the Galapagos and Thailand and likes to pet dogs in her spare time.
  • Cuau Cruz Herrera ’19
    Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico
    Major: Economics
    Entrepreneurship definition: The capacity to create new concepts or improve current ones in order to tackle issues.
    Bio: Cuauhtemoc is from Guadalajara, Mexico. He is a Junior with a double major in Applied Math and Economics and a concentration in International Development. He has been working in the Entrepreneurship Program since spring 2017 and is really excited to continue working here this semester.  He has been involved with the Live It Fund program for couple of years and he is happy to support anyone interested in applying.

  • Lennon Holden ’20
    Hometown: Los Angeles
    Major: Music
    Entrepreneurship definition: Working to create an environment where opportunities for success are bountiful.
    Bio: Lennon is a music major from LA studying Jazz Guitar. She particularly enjoys exploring and supporting local artists, and considers herself an aspiring artist with infinite room for improvement.
  • Linda Lu ’21
    Hometown: Beijing, China
    Major: Biology
    Entrepreneurship definition: To start something new by puting thoughts into action.
    Bio: Linda is someone who loves making stuff.
  • Zeam Porter ’20
    Hometown: (North) Minneapolis
    Major: Media and Cultural Studies
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is the act of finding economic  liberation for problem solving…awarded to some, earned by most!
    Bio: Zeam is a poet, zinester and film maker! You can catch Zeam spewing theories on the hyper real at any given time!
  • Lisa Shirai ’19
    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
    Major: Computer Science and Economics
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is the act, skill and strategy to make your ideas come to life. It requires you to look at ideas from multiple perspectives, challenge what you know/don’t know, and make connections to different disciplines and society.
    Bio: Lisa/Risa is a junior curious and eager to take all the classes across departments. She enjoys thinking about the manifestation of history and ideology in art, fractal geometry, the future, and the economic forces that are shaping our everyday lives. Lisa is excited to work for the Entrepreneurship Program, especially to hear new ideas and watch them grow.
  • Ben Sydel ’18
    Hometown: New York, NY
    Major: Economics
    Entrepreneurship definition: Making something new.
    Bio: Ben likes to learn about new things. Ben likes to teach people things that he knows about.
  • Joe Trier ’18
    Hometown: Madison, WI
    Major: Economics
    Minor: Political Science
    Entrepreneurship definition: Using creative and practical thinking to solve problems.
    Bio: Joe considers himself a jack of all trades. He will help you with anything from beatboxing to economics, and everything in between!
  • Daijiro Yokota ’19
    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
    Major: Economics and CS
    Entrepreneurship definition: Turning any ideas into realities. Execution is the most important and hardest part for many people.
    Bio: Some people call him Joe, DJ, or Jay. He doesn’t have a preference, but call him Daijiro, it’s not hard. He was born and raised in Tokyo. Daijiro came to the USA to see what he’s never seen before and to find what he wants to do in the world. Daijiro’s favorite place he’s visited so far is Glacier National Park. He loves soccer and any kinds of outdoor activities, especially biking.
  • Ethan Moskal ’20
    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Major: Economics
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is iterative idea generation that culminates in a desirable product, project or service.
    Bio: Ethan is a twin from Chicago with interest in athletics, music, theater, and so much more. If you want help with a creative project or want to talk music, Ethan is more than willing to help.
  • Theon Masters ’18
    Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
    Major: Economics
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is Increasing the quality of life through problem solving.
    Bio: Theon is a gregarious young man who enjoys making people laugh. He is a jack of all trades who enjoys story-telling and working with his hands.
  • Tejas Singh ’18
    Hometown: Kolkata, India
    Major: Economics
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is a process of failing to solve a problem. It involves numerous iterations until you succeed.
    Bio: Tejas is a passionate problem solver and likes to interact with people to help them do so.
  • Amritha Subramaniam ’20
    Hometown: Bangalore, India
    Major: Applied Math and International Studies
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is a system change. It begins with identifying a problem and then proceeding to understand and, solve the problem from a multi-dimensional perspective.
    Bio: Amritha enjoys travelling, cooking, and watching documentaries. Entrepreneurship equipped her the tools necessary to give back to my community in India through the Live It Fund and she is grateful for that. Her experience has made her want to come back and work with Entrepreneurship and help others in the way it has helped her.
  • Carolyn Guddal ’19
    Hometown: St. Louis Park, MN
    Major: Political Science
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is risk-taking; it is taking the first steps into the dark, future unknown, trusting yourself & your colleagues to actually do the thing & make it work.
    Bio: Carolyn is a junior Poli Sci major who loves to craft as much as she loves to dismantle the patriarchy. An avid fan of kindness, creation, bobby pins, sunshine, doggos, coffee & good conversation.
  • Efua Sey ’21
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Major: Political Science
    Entrepreneurship definition: Entrepreneurship is the process of creating a product or service that fulfills a need and creates a positive impact.
    Bio: Efua is a snow fight loving first year student from Los Angeles, California! She is interested in becoming an Economics major, and a Political Science minor. She is part of Lives of Commitment, through which she volunteers at the Open Door Learning Center helping Somali adults pass the citizenship exam. For fun Efua loves to take walks, hang out with friends, crochet and write fictional stories.