""Adom Mills-Robertson

What does eship mean to you? Building a sustainable business around the services and products that you offer.

How are you involved in the eship community? I am the Co-Chair of Macalester Entrepreneurship Club and a Student Ambassador for Graveti.

What recommendations do you have to people who would like to be more involved? Go out into the Twin Cities community and start meeting people. You can do this through entrepreneurship interest groups on meetup.com, or even by speaking to Kate Ryan Reiling (The Entrepreneur in Residence) at Macalester. Just start putting yourself out there, and see what happens.

How do you generate new ideas? I’m constantly thinking about the different angles to things that are presented as a given to me. If you question what’s already existing and see things as they are, more opportunities will be opened to you.

Who’s been your greatest inspiration? A cross between Ashish Thakkar (for his entrepreneurial genius) and Charlamagne tha God (for his extremely candid nature).

Superhero power? Teleportation, I even have a superhero name for myself… Teleportation guy #TG

"" Jaime Hasama

What does eship mean to you? To me, entrepreneurship is a way to solve problems that I’m passionate about. I think that entrepreneurship applies to all aspects of education, not just computer science or economics majors. Entrepreneurship is necessary for progress.

How are you involved in the eship community @ Mac and outside? I took Kate’s Intro to Eship class, have worked for two startups, work for the entrepreneurship department at Mac, and am on the board for eship club.

What recommendations do you have to people who would like to be more involved? Watch Shark Tank! It was a great way for me to get ideas and build excitement around entrepreneurship. There are opportunities right on campus! Look at programs such as Mac Nest, Mac Startups, and Macathon. Also Kate teaches eship classes and they’re so fun and I learned a ton.

Who’s been your greatest inspiration? My parents. My mom is an immigrant and came to the U.S. from Thailand. She went to university while working full time and without her hard work, my little sisters and I would not be as fortunate as we are now. My dad has Parkinson’s Disease and since he doesn’t work, we have spent a lot of time together talking about things like leadership, listening skills, how cute our dog is, soccer, and most importantly: how to have a positive impact on people’s lives. My mom and dad both inspire me to help people and give back through social entrepreneurship.

Superhero power? Catching candy in my mouth.