Presentations take place at 12 noon, Olin-Rice Room 250

Title Date Type of Presentation Description
“Moby Dick” 9/16/99 Video A documentary on Herman Melville’s novel and its scientific significance.
“The Perfect Pearl” 9/23/99 Video A documentary on the pearl industry, covering the history of pearl harvesting and current pearl farming techniques and their impacts.
“Environmental Education in Japan” 9/30/99 Speaker: Kazuyuki Mikami A presentation on the environmental education program at Miyagi University in Sendai, Japan.
“Three Mile Island” 10/7/99 Video Documentary on the worst nuclear accident on U.S. soil and its environmental effects.
“Saving Baby Whales” 10/14/99 Video A documentary on the rescue and release of three baby pilot whales after a beaching.
“Automobile Pollution in Los Angeles” 10/21/99 Speaker: Sarah West A presentation on the current air pollution situation in L.A. and the measures that are being taken to improve it, plus some suggestions.
“How Not to be a Sheep: Questioning Popular Science” 11/4/99 Speaker: Theodore Rockwell A discussion of several widely-accepted scientific theories that may not be true.
“WTO Ministerial Conference” 11/11/99 Speaker: Brett Smith A presentation on the objectives on the World Trade Organization’s approaching Third Ministerial Conference and its environmental concerns.
“Successful Environmental Partnerships” 11/18/99 Speaker: Mike Harley A presentation from a member of the Minnesota Environmental Initiative.
“Ecological Restoration: The Next and Permanent Revolution” 12/2/99 Speaker: Ray Tricomo This presentation, from the founder and director of Kalpulli Turtle Island Multiversity project, will be focused on the necessity of restoring native ecologies and cultures.
“Solar Energy: Current Status and Future Potential” 12/9/99 Speaker: Dr. James Doyle Presentation on the use of solar energy as an alternative energy source.