Facilities Issued Keys

Keys for departmental and office use by faculty and staff as well as non-residence hall keys used by students are issued at the Facilities Services Office. Student residence hall keys are issued by Residential Life.

To Request Keys

Download and complete Key Order Request Form and submit to Facilities Services at . Alternately, you may submit the form to Facilities Services office, by campus mail, or fax to 651-696-6135.

Key Extension Request
A Key Extension Form may only be used to extend the due date of keys. Download and print out the form, fill it out, obtain the necessary signature, and submit it to the Facilities Services office by campus mail or fax the form to 651-696-6135.

Lost & Late Key Charges
There is a charge for lost keys; you will be charged $30.00 per key. Cash or check payments are accepted for lost keys charges. Students may also have their student account charged. For keys returned late, a fee of $10.00 per key will be charged.