Motorpool Vehicle Safety Protocols

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  • Rentals to College Departments and Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) chartered and funded organizations only.
  • No more than three vans may be used for a singledestination trip. Groups of 27 or more will be required to use buses with paid drivers. Contact the purchasing department for bus information.
  • Maximum mileage on Fall Break trips is 800 miles round trip. Maximum mileage on Spring Break trips is 1,800 miles round trip. No more than 800 miles may be traveled in one day.
  • All van drivers must be prequalified. Prequalification includes:
    • minimum age of 19,
    • driving record check (motor vehicle report),
    • classroom/video training,
    • successful completion of a behind-the-wheel checkout (for students) and
    • a minimum of 8 hours of local driving experience with Macalester vans before driving on a long trip.
    (Training must occur at regularly scheduled sessions and prequalified drivers must be identified at the time van reservations are made. Training is to include mechanical orientation as well.)
  • A minimum of one qualified driver per 400 miles of driving must be identified with a twodriver minimum for any trip.
  • A maximum of 16 hours of continuous travel is allowable after which a layover of at least eight hours is required. Van operation is prohibited between midnight and 4:00 a.m.
  • Cargo trailers and car top storage units are prohibited. Van occupancy must be reduced to accommodate baggage or equipment.
  • Trip itineraries must be submitted for review by the Associate Dean of Students (for student groups), Director of Safety and Security. Review will include route, distance/time and programmatic goals/risk relationships. Denial of rental may occur with agreement of two of the above.
  • Layovers are required in the event of adverse weather and unsafe road conditions. Renters will be issued a college credit card for such emergencies and the college will fund layover expenses, with no charge back renters.
  • A faculty or staff sponsor must be identified. The sponsor will either go along on the trip or provide written acknowledgement of responsibility to serve as emergency contact here on campus. Sponsor must attest to the adequacy of trip leader training in issues of risk management.
  • Noncompliance with any of the above will result in suspension of all rental rights of the offending organization for two calendar years from the date of the offense.
  • Cancellation of a van reservation must be called or emailed into the Facilities Office three days in advance. A late cancellation, or failure to pick up a reserved van, will result in a charge equal to the daily rental rate. There will be no charge for unavoidable cancellations, such as those due to bad weather.