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Facilities Services
Music Building Lower Level
Phone: 651-696-6278
Fax: 651-696-6135

Main Office Hours

Academic Year
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Friday, 7:15 a.m.-Noon

Facilities Services Staff by Department

Administration & Main Office

 Nathan Lief


Facilities Services Assistant

Karin Zeller Karin Zeller

Facilities Services Assistant


Custodial & Waste Management

Caleb Manley Caleb Manley
Custodial Shift Supervisor - 3rd shift


Ralph Williamson Ralph Williamson Custodial Services Manager


Kyle Wright Kyle Wright
Custodial Shift Supervisor - 2nd shift


Hiwet Abraha, Custodian
Julie Arheiger, Custodian
Erin Andretta, Custodian
Donald A. Bailey, Custodian
Kyle Bell, Custodian
Mark A. Benoit, Custodian
LeVoyce Brant, Custodian
Bruce Brown, Custodian
Calvonzo Burnett, Custodian
Katherine Collins, Custodian
Cristian Cajamarca, Custodian
Justin Dubois, Custodian
David Edens, Custodian
David Eide , Custodian
Wendy Fillion, Custodian
Jeff Golusky, Custodian
Javier Gutierrez, Custodian
Yodit Habtemichael, Custodian
Ryan Hoover, Custodian
James Jordan, Custodian
Ronald Krey, Custodian
Bosa Letic, Custodian
Dragan Loncar, Custodian
Jovanka Loncar, Custodian
Tony Lopez, Custodian
Dayna Mevissan, Custodian
Sayed Mohamed, Custodian
Barbara E. Olson, Custodian
Michael L. Olson, Custodian
Gary M. Palumbo, Custodian
James L. Plaster, Custodian
Douglas M. Schutte, Custodian
Robin J. Schutte, Custodian
Al Shepherd, Custodian
Paula Solis, Custodian
Sood Sudirno, Custodian
Tahir Syed, Custodian
Jeffrey A. Treviranus, Custodian
Chianeng Vue, Custodian
Vu Vue, Custodian
Warren Williams, Custodian

Energy Management

Michael Pumroy
Energy Manager

Environmental Health and Safety

Jill Wirth
Environmental Health and Safety Manager


Bill Collumbien
Associate Director, Security


Jerry Nelson Jerry Nelson
Grounds Manager


Kurt Olson, Groundsperson
James B. Peterson, Groundsperson
Sandra D. Street, Groundsperson
Gary L. Zahrbock, Groundsperson

Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Systems Manager (to be filled)

Mike O'Connor Mike O'Connor
Chief Engineer


James M. Andreas, Maintenance Engineer
Steve Bruns, Maintenance Engineer
Mark A. Buck, Maintenance Engineer
Edward A. Gerten, Electrician
John Larsen, Maintenance Engineer II
Donald A. Leach, Maintenance Engineer
Thomas R. Noble, Maintenance Engineer II
Kyle E. Peterson, Maintenance Engineer II
David H. Scheele, Maintenance Engineer II
Thomas Stefans, Maintenance Engineer
Tyler Terhurne, Maintenance Engineer II

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance Manager / Project Manager (to be filled)

Scott Mattson
Carpenter Foreman


Conrad J. Adelmann, Carpenter II - Locksmith
Mark A. Adelmann, Carpenter II
Justin Leininger, Carpenter II
Wade Oesterich, Carpenter II
Kim L. Pittsley, Carpenter II