Student loans that are not part of the Federal Student Aid program are often referred to as “alternative”, “supplemental”, or “private” loans.

We recommend that students first apply for financial aid before considering an alternative loan. Most students who apply for financial aid may participate in the Federal Direct Loan program, even if they do not qualify for financial aid. Please review federal loan options including the parent Direct PLUS Loan before pursuing an alternative loan.

To assist you in your search for an alternative loan, we have provided a list in alphabetical order (below) of the alternative loan lenders that Macalester students have accessed in the past three school years (since Fall 2012). Please understand that you may select any lender for your educational loans. You are not required to select a lender from this list.

Your lender will ask you to complete a Self-Certification form. The Self-Certification form will be provided by your lender. Please be sure to respond to the request for the Self-Certification form and all disclosure statements in order to avoid delays in delivery of your loan funds.