The average (mean) student debt of a graduating class is the most widely available student debt metric. This is the number reported through the Common Data Set and collected by the Project on Student Debt. This page is intended to provide more information and a more complete picture of student debt for Macalester's class of 2016.

Students Graduating from Macalester between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

Percentage of graduates who borrowed any student loan: 62.9%
Percentage of graduates who borrwed a student loan through federal loan programs: 54.3%
Mean per-borrower cumulative indebtedness (principal): $23,875
Mean per-borrower indebtedness through federal loan programs: $20,807
Median per-borrower indebtedness: $21,000
25th percentile per-borrower indebtedness $13,500
75th percentile per-borrower indebtedness: $27,920