The very unusual nature of the fall semester has led to a situation where a number of students who have student employment as part of their financial aid package may have difficulty securing a student employment position. Many campus offices and entities will operate quite differently, at least for the fall semester. Many campus offices will operate remotely and their ability to employ students has eroded.

Recognizing that the challenging campus job market may cause financial hardship for students who receive financial aid, Macalester has created a new 2020-2021 fall semester Macalester Student Unemployment Insurance Program (MSUIP). This program will replace up to 50% of what a student would have otherwise been able to earn through student employment.

​Students who are not able to secure employment may request assistance through MSUIP if all of the following are true:

  1. Has a need-based student employment component in their 2020-2021 fall semester financial aid package.
  2. Has taken steps to seek a position through the standard student employment hiring process.
  3. Has been unable to obtain employment.
  4. Is experiencing financial hardship due to inability to earn wages through student employment.
  5. Is eligible to be employed, including being physically located within the United States.

The goal remains to have students actively employed to earn their full student employment awards. With that intent, students may not qualify for MSUIP assistance if there are positions actively available and posted in JobX. Circumstances that require unique consideration will be handled on a case by case basis with the Student Employment Program Manager. 

In some cases, MSUIP support will not be enough. Students who receive MSUIP support and have need for additional assistance can request help through the Emergency Aid Program. The Emergency Aid Program prioritizes students with the greatest financial need. In cases where the Emergency Aid Program cannot provide help, students may be referred to student loan options.

To request assistance, complete the MSUIP request form