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Macalester College Asian Studies faculty and staff with expertise in Chinese studies

Sarah J. Horton, assistant professor in the Religious Studies Department, came to Macalester College from the University of Colorado-Boulder, where she taught for two years as an instructor while completing a Ph.D. from Yale University. Her areas of interest include Buddhist studies, the religions of China and Japan, and Japanese Pure Land Buddhism. She has done extensive research on the relationship between Buddhist belief and Buddhist art, and on East Asian deathbed rituals. During her time at CU-Boulder she also did research on Asian religions as practiced in the United States. Her courses at Macalester include Introduction to Non-Western Religions, Buddhist Nirvana/Enlightenment, Religions of East Asia, Buddhism and Religious Images, and Gods/Goddesses of East Asia.
Office: Old Main 102
Phone: (651) 696-6544
E-mail: horton@macalester.edu

Philip K. Hu, predoctoral fellow in the Art Department, was born and raised in Singapore, educated as an architect at the University of California, Berkeley and at the University of California, Los Angeles. He pursued graduate training in art history at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, where he is completing a Ph.D. dissertation on the Chinese artist Mi Wanzhong (1570-1628), a painter, calligrapher, and patron of the late Ming period. He is the editor and compiled of <Visible Traces: Rare Books and Special Collections from the National Library of China> (New York: Queens Borough Public Library; Beijing: National Library of China, 2000), and the author of a recent article on the evolution of 20th-century Chinese painting, which appears in a special issue of the journal <Kunstlicht> (vol. 23, no. 3, 2002). He offers a range of survey and topics courses in the history of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese art and culture.
Office: Old Main 316
Phone: (651) 696-6772
E-mail: hu@macalester.edu

Yaliang Jin is the instructor for Beginning/Elementary Chinese. His research interest includes Asian-American literature, international relations, and foreign language instruction and acquisition. As a Chinese instructor, Jin is particularly interested in exploring dynamic and interactive teaching approaches to develop students’ communication skills in Chinese. In addition to his work at Macalester College, he is also a Teaching Specialist of the Chinese Language in the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Minnesota.
Office: Old Main 101
Phone: (651) 696-6550
E-mail: jin@macalester.edu

James W. Laine, Arnold H. Lowe Professor and Chair of the Religious Studies Department, specializes in the religions of Asia and Islam. He works with the study abroad program in India sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and conducts research on Hindu-Muslim relations in 17th-century India. He leads the Maharashtra Studies Group of the Association for Asian Studies, and was co-director (with Classics Professor Andrew Overman) of a summer 2000 NEH seminar for teachers. He is the author of <Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India> (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2003), which traces the biographies and legends of a popular Hindu hero from the seventeenth century to the present. He is also a translator of <The Epic of Shivaji> (Hyderabad: Orient Longman, 2001), working in collaboration with S.S. Bahulkar.
Office: Old Main 116
Phone: (651) 696-6789
E-mail: laine@macalester.edu

Soek-Fang Sim received her Ph.D. in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College, University of London, in February of 2002, after completing her dissertation <Asian Values, Asian Democracy: The Everyday Legitimization of Authority and Delegitimization of Dissent in Everyday Popular Discourse in Singapore in the Late 1990s>. She has received a number of awards, including the Swire-Cathay Pacific Inter-Asia Ph.D. scholarship at the University of London, and has participated in several conferences, most recently at the Cultural Studies Association Founding Conference, where she was a panelist on “Transnational Asia Culture” in June 2003. Many of Sim’s academic interests pertain to issues of power, ideology, and identity, and specifically how social institutions are not only sustained by institutional efforts but are increasingly constituted through everyday popular media cultures. She also plans to investigate further the interplay between consensus and authoritarianism.
Office: Carnegie Hall 2nd Floor
Phone: (651) 696-6149
Email: sim@macalester.edu

Yue-Him Tam, professor of history, obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1975. He conducts research in modern Japanese intellectual history and Sino-Japanese relations. He has published widely in English, Chinese, and Japanese, and served as the editor of <Sino-Japanese cultural interchange: Papers of the International Symposium on Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchange> (Hong Kong: Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1985) and <Hong Kong and Japan: Growing Cultural and Economic Interactions, 1845-1987: A Special Volume in Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Japan Society of Hong Kong)> (Hong Kong: The Society of Hong Kong, 1988). Before joining the Macalester faculty, Tam was a faculty member at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He teaches both Chinese and Japanese history. He is the immediate past president of the Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia and currently member of the Advisory Board of the <The East Asian Library Journal> based at Princeton University
Office: Old Main 305
Phone: (651) 696-6262
E-mail: tam@macalester.edu

Ping Wang, assistant professor of English, is an acclaimed young author, editor, and translator. She received a B.A. from Peking University and a Ph.D. in comparative literature from New York University in 1999. Her numerous publications include <American Visa: Short Stories> (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1994); <Foreign Devil: A Novel> (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1996); a collection of poetry, <Of Flesh and Spirit: Poems> (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1998); a poetry anthology <New Generation: Poems from China Today> (Brooklyn, N.Y.: Hanging Loose Press, 1999) which she edited and co-translated; a monograph based on her doctoral dissertation, <Aching for Beauty: Footbinding in China> (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000), with a paperback edition published in New York by Anchor Books in 2002; and a volume of her poetry, <The Magic Whip: Poems> (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 2003).
Office: Old Main 204
Phone: (651) 696-6512
E-mail: ping@macalester.edu

Lifei Xu is the native speaker for the Chinese Language House, which is located at 233 Macalester Street. Lifei is from Shanghai and graduated from East China Normal University, also in Shanghai, with a major in the teaching of Chinese as a second language.
Office: Humanities 108D
Phone: (651) 696-8240 (office); (651) 696-6237 (Chinese Language House)
E-mail: xu@macalester.edu

Yunshan Ye, East Asian Project Librarian, is from Wuhan, Hubei province. He has earned three masters degrees in education, library science, and comparative literature, and is a Ph.D. candidate in comparative literature at the University of Iowa. He has done research in Chinese literature from an historical perspective, with a focus on modern and contemporary Chinese literary culture. His primary responsibility at Macalester College is to develop a cooperative East Asian collection with the libraries of Carleton College and St. Olaf College.
Office: Library 119
Phone: (651) 696-6194
E-mail: ye@macalester.edu

Zhengming Zhu is the Freeman Foundation postdoctoral fellow in Asian Studies. He is from New York City, and completed his Ph.D. at the City University of New York. Zhu has taught for the past eight years at different campuses of CUNY, including The City College of New York, Baruch College, York College, and Queens College. His areas of interest are American literature, Wallace Stevens, Asian American literature, and Chinese culture and literature. He has taught English as a second language (ESL), Asian-American Experience/Literature, Chinese language and literature courses, and classical Chinese literature. His recent research focuses on Chinese political ballads, early 20th-century American poets, and a literary memoir of the Cultural Revolution in China.
Office: Old Main 115
Phone: (651) 696-6764
E-mail: zhu@macalester.edu

Project Director of the Freeman Foundation Grant at Macalester College

Sarah J. Pradt, assistant professor of Japanese, is the Project Director of the Freeman Foundation grant at Macalester College. She has a book forthcoming from Duke University Press, <Representations of AIDS in Japanese Public Culture>, based on her 1996 doctoral dissertation at Cornell University, and has done research on representations of western prisoners in WWII Japanese prison camps, on the Japanese woman writer Miyamoto Yuriko, on Western images of Japanese culture, and on Japanese film. She teaches courses in Japanese language, Japanese film, and Japanese literature, and occasionally teaches the Introduction to Asian Studies course with Prof. James Laine (Religious Studies).
Office: Humanities 108A
Phone: (651) 696-6221
E-mail: pradt@macalester.edu

The Freeman Advisory Committee would like to acknowledge Joan W. Toohey, Associate Director of the Hughes Program (funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute) at Macalester College, for providing vital administrative support for the Freeman Foundation Grant.
Office: Olin-Rice 271
Phone: (651) 696-6027
E-mail: toohey@macalester.edu

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