Exit Strategies and Multiple PerspectivesExit Strategies and Multiple Perspectives

November 3 – December 12, 2004
Artist’s Reception: November 6, 2004
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Exit Strategies: Current Works on Paper and Interactive Art by John Hitchcock and Multiple Perspectives: Critical Dialogue in North America

John Hitchcock’s current works are a blend of printmaking, digital imaging and installation that depict personal, social and political views. The work Hitchcock has prepared for the Macalester College Gallery ask many questions that center on the issues of abundance and consumption prevalent in American society. Focusing on current governmental controls on everything: from foods to homeland security, from media to the Patriot Act, from art to morality, the work speaks about and questions America’s materialistic nature and presumed divine privilege.

Multiple Perspectives: Critical Dialogue in North America consists of contemporary artists who use print media to convey social, political, personal and critical identities. The artists who participated in the portfolio of prints responded to the question: What is your perspective on American politics and culture? Multiple Perspectives was organized by John Hitchcock. Participating Artists include: Keith Christensen, Thorsten Dennerline, Elizabeth Dove, Tim Dooley, Ruthann Godollei, Peter Gourfain, Fred Hagstrom, Lane Hall/Lisa Moline (collaboration), Melissa Harshman, Edgar Heap of Birds, Dusty Herbig, Adrian Herman, John Hitchcock, Barbara Madsen, Hugh Merrill, Phyllis McGibbon/Mark Wilson (collaboration), Frances Myers, Kristin Powers Nowlin, Kathryn Reeves, Aaron Wilson and Melanie Yazzie.