Material InquiryMaterial Inquiry

February 1 –March 18, 2005
Opening Reception: February 18, 2005

The Macalester College Law Warschaw Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Material Inquiry 2005. This is a juried textile and fiber arts exhibition with the participants drawn from top graduate programs across the country. The exhibition provides a wide variety of work, from weaving and dying techniques to installation and sculptural works. Participants include nationally recognized artist/instructors and emerging artists with varying exhibition histories.

Participants include: Anne Wilson, Joan Livingstone, Judith Leemann, Ai Kijima, Rebecca Carter, Jennifer Angus, Sonya Clark, Janet Marcavage, Bea Drysdale, Jane Lackey, Liz Sargent, Marcelyn Bennett Carpenter, Mary Anne Jordan, Amie J. Adelman, Pauline Verbeek-Cowart, Clare Verstegen, Mark Newport, Emily Stewart, Yuko Umeda and Miyuki Imai.