Visiting Assistant Professor (2015-2019)
medical, health GIS, Intro to GIS

Curriculum Vitae

I am interested in geographic differences in health and environmental influences on health, particularly in urban areas. Relatedly, I examine questions as a spatial epidemiologist, social epidemiologist, and medical geographer. I enjoy introducing students to ideas at the intersection between geography and public health. I joined Macalester as a visiting assistant professor after a postdoctoral fellowship in the Centre for Urban Epidemiology in Essen, Germany. I completed my PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota, and have an MA in Geography from San Francisco State University.

The courses I have taught, or will be teaching, in the Geography and Math, Statistics, and Computer Science departments include:
GEOG 225: Intro to GIS (Fall 2016, Spr 2017, Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Spr 2019)
GEOG 256: Medical Geography (Spr 2016)
GEOG 368: Health GIS (Spr 2016, Fall 2017, Spr 2019)
GEOG 378: Statistical Research Methods in Geography (Spr 2018)
GEOG 394-02: Advanced Geospatial Analysis:
Case Study of Dengue Fever Risk on the Island of Hawai`i (Spr 2018)
GEOG 394-02: Healthy Spaces: Medical Geography of Green & Blue Spaces (Fall 2018)
MATH 125: Epidemiology (Fall 2015, Spr 2016, Spr 2017, Fall 2017)

Research Interests

I am currently pursuing research on exposure to green vegetation and prevalence of diabetes, research I started as a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre for Urban Epidemiology in Essen, Germany.

My previous research examined questions relating to obesity, physical activity, and active transit to school. My dissertation research estimated the effect of neighborhood socioeconomic status on overweight/obesity, type 2 diabetes, and smoking in San Francisco adults using propensity score matching, multilevel model regression, and spatial regression.  I have also conducted linear and logistic regression, geographic information systems (GIS) analysis, primary data collection, and data cleaning.


GEOG 225:  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 256: Medical Geography: The Geography Health and Healthcare

GEOG 368: Health GIS

Links for Geography course syllabi can be found on our Course Syllabi page.