Fair Rebels? Solidarity and Fair Trade in Movement

In this talk Dr. Naylor will discuss solidarity and fair trade drawing on the arguments made in her recent book, Fair Trade Rebels. Specifically, she will focus on the partnerships between coffee growers and roasters that are created through fair trade certification. For fair trade cooperatives, producing under the fair trade label has assisted with establishing important ties to buyers in the U.S. that allow not only for secure sources of income, but also a critical space for support and creating an ethic of care. This ethic of care is a key element of fair trade certification that is rarely examined. Here, Dr. Naylor will discuss what is fair trade, who is it for, and who gets to decide.


Dr. Lindsay Naylor, University of Delaware, focuses her research on understanding how politics, economics and demographics influence food equity, availability and sustainability in a given region, from the local to the global. [more]

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