Mina and Nya are ready to help Macalester students!

All things COVID vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine is strongly recommended for all students that are medically able to be vaccinated.  Not only will it help to keep you safer, it is key to keeping our community safer and in creating the scenario where in-person classes, gatherings, and traditional residential living can resume.

COVID-19 vaccination will be required of all students and employees for Fall 2021.

Are you are looking to get vaccinated?

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Vaccine connector, please do so ASAP! You will be notified by MDH of when and where you could receive a vaccine. If you aren’t in MN, many states have a similar sign-up/registration option. Vaccination is open to all residents ages 16+.

  • Vaccine Connector / COVID-19 Updates and Information – State of Minnesota  When you register, be sure to check any of the job, health, or identity-related options that you would qualify for.  Those are used to help prioritize vaccine access.
  • National Vaccination Resource:  https://vaccinefinder.org/
  • Check out this video on vaccine hunting – presented by Hamre Center student staff.
  • Community/Group Resources: There are many groups (think “Facebook”) out there working to share information about real-time vaccination opportunities.  Example: Twin Cities Vaccine Hunters.  Always verify the information that is posted on these crowd-sourced sites.  They may be most helpful to give you ideas of organizations other than the state or health care systems that are offering vaccinations.  Examples are Costco, Hy-Vee (grocery store) as well as area pharmacies.
  • Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has put together a resource on finding a vaccine provider.

****Limited time Incentive!****

Once you’ve signed up on the MN Vaccine Connector (or your state/local equivalent)
or have been vaccinated,  let us know here.

We want to celebrate your effort and will send you a free Bon Appetit drink coupon (courtesy of Bon App!).  We will send it to your SPO or your home address (if not in the area).

Deadline to Register: May 7, 2021.  Coupons will be good until September 12, 2021

Yay! You’ve gotten your vaccination! Record it!

For Module 4 and Module 5, 2021, we are asking students to report their vaccination in 2 places:

  • Hamre Center Patient Portal – this will enter it into your Macalester medical record
  • Macalester Vaccination Information Form – this information is used in an aggregate dashboard to help the college know the vaccination level of our community and plan accordingly

Be sure to keep a record of your vaccination: vaccination card, email confirmation, medical record. It is anticipated that individuals could need proof for a variety of reasons. Macalester has not yet determined if vaccination will be required for Fall 2021.

Feeling uncertain about the process of signing up or getting a vaccine?

  • You don’t need insurance. The COVID vaccine is free for EVERYONE!
  • You don’t need to be a permanent resident of MN. The COVID vaccine is available for all MN college students!
  • Here is what you need to sign up for the vaccine: (name, date of birth, they may ask for insurance but you don’t have to enter it). You DON’T need a MN driver’s license or any other proof of citizenship
  • Depending on where you get the vaccine, you may need a photo ID or even a student ID to receive it, so bring that with you.
  • If you are able to schedule a vaccination locally (in the Twin Cities, within 15 miles from campus) but don’t have any way to get there, contact the Hamre Center for help with transportation.

Feeling some vaccine hesitancy or institutional mistrust? 

The vaccine that is available to you is the best vaccine to get. All vaccines available in the U.S. have thus far been 100% effective in preventing severe disease and death. While there are some differences in overall efficacy among the three vaccines currently available in the U.S., they are hard to directly compare as the phase three trials were conducted in different global locations and different time periods.   Whichever vaccine individuals can access soonest will protect them fastest.