The health promotion program is led by a professional health education specialist. The vitality and energy of the program is enriched by a diverse team of students who work together - offering education and initiatives to enhance the health of their peers. As Macalester students, the student health promotion team offers unique perspectives on their community’s needs and interests.

Our main mission is to foster a campus environment in which students feel empowered to make healthy choices for themselves that contribute to their overall personal and academic success.

Meet the Student Health Promotion Team

 Allison Wolf is so excited to be working at Macalester as the 2016-2017 Health and Wellness Graduate Assistant. She is in the final year of her studies to receive her Masters of Public Health in Community Health Promotion in May of 2017 - something she has repeatedly starred on her calendar! Her hobbies include cooking with local produce, attempting to train her cat Skywalker, and utilizing public transit to explore the Twin Cities. You'll be able to find her working with the SEXY Educators, Active Minds at Macalester, and completing other various Health and Wellness tasks in the Wellness Lounge. Feel free to stop by during her office hours of Monday from 9-2:30, Wednesday from 9-4:30, or Friday from 9-4 to ask questions, or just to say hi and chat!

Gabrielle Rivera,’16 is from Evanston, IL. Gabrielle is a Psychology major and Hispanic Studies minor. She is new to our Health and Wellness staff this year and will be working on the Consent is Mac initiative. Last fall she spent a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain falling in love with the vibrant city and culture and is excited to bea member of the wellness team.

Soniya Coutinho, '19 is from Plymouth, MN, and is new to the Health Promotions staff this year. Soniya is a Neuroscience major with a Chemistry minor. She is excited to be working on the "Boost Your Mood" initiative, organizing student physical activity classes, and attending health promotions events. On campus, she is also involved with Program Board and Colleges Against Cancer, and in her free time she loves exploring the Twin Cities

Isa Escalona (she/her), '18 is from Oak Park, Illinois. She is an International Studies and Political Science major and is the Sexy Coordinator here at Macalester. Isa leads a group of peer educators who facilitate trainings surrounding sexual health in first-year halls. She believes that access to comprehensive, inclusive, and non-judgemental sexual health is essential for providing a fun, happy, and healthy environment for all students on campus. Aside from her work in the Health and Wellness Center, Isa also likes to run while listening to Nicki Minaj, play Nicki Minaj on her radio show, and draw while listening to Nicki Minaj in her room. Contact Isa if you're interested in becoming a Sexy Educator or want to know more about sexual health! .

Miles Keys McKay, '18 is from Santa Cruz CA.  Miles is excited to re-join the health promotions staff this year to continue working on new and existing programs that help Macalester students stay healthy and happy at Mac. He will be closely involved with organizing student physical activity classes and the "What the Health?" presentations this semester as well as other health promotions projects. Miles is a currently undeclared and is on the track team.

Shannon Mahedy, '17 is from Wall, New Jersey.  Shannon is an International Studies major with a Hispanic Studies minor.  Shannon is co-coordinating the Consent is Mac initiative this year.  Shannon is also the very popular Zumba instructor for HWC physical activity classes.  An avid traveler, Shannon has been to 21 countries including Iceland where she descended 400 feet into an inactive volcano. 

 Ian Lock, '17 is from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  A self-proclaimer dog lover, he also loves anything to do with the great outdoors.  His career aspiration is to work as an epidemiologist in the area of cancer research.  You can find Ian working on a variety of health promotion initiatives.  His motto for this year, quoting the great Jessica Alba, "Thank you to the fans. I do movies for you. Practice safe sex and drive hybrids if you can."

Elizabete Romanovska, '19 is from Latvia, although she has also lived in France and Norway. Her biggest passions are healthy lifestyle, nature and traveling, which connects to her majors - psychology and international studies. Elizabete runs cross country and track, she also leads a "fitness for beginners" class on Sunday nights. She wants to challenge the stereotypes that working out can't be fun.  You can find Elizabete in forests, in the Wellness Lounge or running with her teammates. Her work this semester focuses on healthy cooking classes, nutrition, eating disorders and healthy body image. She will be happy to chat with you if you have any questions.


Jadie Minhas, '20 is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is hoping to double major in International Studies and Political Science as well as minor in Russian. Last summer, Jadie studied abroad; traveling to Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia to learn about the history, culture, economy, food and language of those countries. Within the HWC, Jadie will be the Graphic Designer for our events, flyers, and occasionally clothing. She is very excited to join us this year!

Courtney Popp, '17 is from Royalton, MN. Courtney is a biology major following a pre-med track in hopes of becoming a physician in a pediatric specialty. Her passion for children and healthcare collide with her volunteer position at St. Paul Children’s hospital. Other hobbies include tandem bicycling (currently accepting new partners if you need a lift), scoping out new ice cream shops, jamming out to Beyoncé, and skipping around campus in bright pink crocs. Courtney can always be found at our What The Health events.