Resilience is the ability to cope with and respond in meaningful ways to the difficulties we encounter.  Project Resilience cultivates practices that that equip us to better manage the challenges of college life.

Upcoming Resilience Events and Workshops


Learn the art of pressure points to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and add to your resilience.  Stacy Dunn, our resident massage therapist, will share information – date TBD.

Resilience Conversations Series

A 3-part series focusing on mental wellness and resilience.  All workshops are led by Julia Hutchinson, Mental Health Care Coordinator at HWC.   The Conversation Series is co-sponsored by Voices on Mental Health. Register by clicking on the workshop titles below.

Who Do You Want to Be? – 2/15, Library 205, noon – 12:50 pm with lunch available at 11:45 am
How often are we asked, “What do you want to do/who do you want to be when you grow up?”  As kids this questions might inspire creativity, curiosity and excitement.  As we get older, this question begins to weigh us down.  This discussion will create a space to return to that place of curiosity and expand our ideas of who we want to be and who we are becoming.

Healthy Relationships and Friendships – 2/22, Harmon Room, noon – 12:50 pm, lunch at 11:45 am
Whether it is an intimate partner relationship, friendship, parent/guardian-child or roommate, relationships can be both helpful and hurtful.  This discussion will explore why relationships are so important to our health and happiness as well as identify key components to creating and maintaining healthy relationships.  All relationships welcome.

Failure Doesn’t Have to Be The Other “F” Word – 3/1, Harmon Room, noon – 12:50 pm, lunch at 11:45 am
Failure is one of the most essential elements of learning, yet it is something that many of us fear and can become paralyzed by.  How do we begin to embrace the concept of failure?  This discussion will explore the concepts of failure and success.  Let’s create a relationship with failure that is both motivating and liberating. Get rid of the fear and welcome the failure.

Resources on Campus

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