Come discuss all things wellness at monthly gatherings on Wednesdays from noon-12:50 pm in the Library Harmon Room.  Come for any or all sessions.Lunch is provided at each Well-being Wednesday. 

Fall 2017

September 20:  Resilience with Julia Hutchinson, HWC Counselor

Resiliency;  what is it, why is it important and how do we cultivate it for ourselves? Resiliency is the ability to cope with and respond to the difficulties and stressors we encounter in our daily lives. Think of it as the life boat that allows us to navigate the waves, both big and small, that come our way.  Come learn tools to promote resiliency in your own life and support healthy ways to navigate life stressors. 

October 18: College Eating: How Fueling the Fun Can Make All the Difference with by Christina Meyer-Jax, MS, RDN (Founder: NutritionUp, and Assistant Professor Department of Nutrition & Exercise Science St. Catherine University)

What you put in, is generally what you get out!  In the case of eating our choices can lead to great performance or hold us back (it's all in the biochemistry).  Even with good intentions, college-life can bring: time, accessibility, stress and budget crunches that can make eating well challenging. This workshop will engage and equip you with the basics and beyond of how to eat for optimal performance on your own or in the dining halls. Whether it's in academics, athletics, or just feeling everyday awesome good food matters. Let's dive in and enjoy!

November 8:  Uses and Abuses: Marijuana with History Department Professor Amy Sullivan

Join History Professor Amy Sullivan and a few of her current students to discuss the checkered history of cannabis use and legislation, as well as some current research about the health hazards and benefits of marijuana use.  Students only - please register here by Monday, November 6.  Lunch will be served at 11:45 am.