Come discuss all things wellness at monthly gatherings on Wednesdays from noon-12:50 pm in the Library Harmon Room.  Come for any or all sessions.  Lunch is provided at each Well-being Wednesday.

Fall 2018

September 19:  Resilience featuring Julia Hutchinson, Assistant Director and Care Coordinator for Counseling, CHW

Resiliency is what allows us to adjust to and recovery from the ups and downs of life in a healthy way. Resiliency is something we can learn, develop and practice. Come hear about tools to promote resiliency in your own life and support healthy navigation through a variety of life stressors.

October 17:  Grief and Loss featuring Dana Suttles, CHW Mental Health Counselor and Rev. Kelly Stone, Chaplain

How do we name loss? What do we do when we’re carrying with us a lingering sense of sadness? During this brief workshop, we will expand our understanding of what it means to grieve by taking a look at the language we use and broadening that knowledge with personal experience. Together, we will explore a few ways to tend to grief, and make room for the losses we face in our lives.

November 14: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence featuring Liz Schneider-Bateman, Associate Director of Counseling, Hamre CHW

The impact of sexual violence is profound, and it can be difficult to know how best to support people you care about in the aftermath of sexual violence. In this one hour conversation, we’ll explore ways to support survivors, both in the moment of disclosure and beyond.