College is expensive even with the best financial aid, savings, and summer jobs. It is tempting to assume that current family health insurance will provide adequate coverage for a usually healthy age group and to skip the cost of additional health insurance. But there are a number of reasons to consider purchasing/accepting the United Healthcare Insurance student plan offered by Macalester.

*Out of network limitations: Many health insurance plans substantially limit coverage when out of the geographic area or provider group. United Healthcare Insurance has national coverage and the Twin Cities is well‐represented by United Healthcare Insurance providers.

*Athletic coverage: Check your current plan to make sure it covers injuries sustained in athletic activities, as it is a common exclusion. The Macalester plan covers injuries sustained in intercollegiate, intramural, and club sports.

*The United Healthcare Insurance plan includes travel assistance and worldwide medical coverage – this is in effect when the student is 100+ miles away from home. So, for many students, this would qualify just due to the distance they live from Macalester. This is a highly comprehensive plan that will even fly a family member to be with the student in qualified situations.

*Many families elect to purchase the United Healthcare Insurance plan as a compliment to the family’s existing coverage; it can help to cover deductibles and co‐pay of another plan.

*There is only a $50 annual deductible for in and out of network care. All services provided at the Macalester Health & Wellness Center (HWC) are covered at 100 percent (Services charged for include: lab work, immunizations, vaccinations, physical exams, some treatments).

*An advocate for you in the HWC will submit claims directly to United Healthcare Insurance for all charges incurred in the HWC and will assist students/families with any off‐campus United Healthcare Insurance claims.  Charges off-campus will be covered (in-network) generally at 90/10 with deductible. Please see policy for exclusions/details.

*The cost for 2018-2019 insurance is $2382 for 12 months of coverage. Not everyone will need this policy, but families should look carefully at their current health insurance policy and determine what will provide the best coverage for their student while at Macalester. If the student enrolls in the Macalester policy, that will become their primary insurer and any existing family coverage will become secondary.

Note: Macalester receives no financial benefit in offering this insurance.  We have worked to build a plan that is targeted to meet the needs of traditional-age college students. We strongly discourage and may not approve short term commercial policies such as many of those out there that target international students.  Students have found that these frequently do not provide adequate coverage and may have very high actual costs when utilized. This is an example of “you get what you pay for”.  Macalester does not want an unexpected health care cost to derail your ability to proceed with your education.

*Macalester College students can only enroll in the yearly enrollment option. Exceptions are students who are enrolled in exchange programs at Macalester for one term, transfer students entering mid-year, or students whose insurance situation changes due to life events mid-year. Costs for Fall and Spring-Summer will be made available when the plan is opened up for enrollment/waive.

**ALL students must either accept or waive out of the United Healthcare Insurance student plan online before August 24, 2018. The charge automatically goes on your first bill; if you fail to waive by the deadline, you will remain enrolled for the year.

Visit Gallagher-Koster website for detailed information.  Information for 2018-2019 as well as the option to waive out or enroll will be available after July 5, 2018. Note that 2018-2019 policy information is essentially the same as 2017-2018 which is currently posted on the site.

If you have questions, feel free to send them to Sue Rothenbacher,