Underrepresented Student Specialist


Hanin’s work is rooted in systemic, relational, and strength-based approaches. She is informed by social justice and anti-oppression frameworks. Hanin is grounded in offering support, compassion, empowerment, and curiosity. Her objective is to work collaboratively to understand each students’ experience and understand their intersecting identities within each unique context. Hanin is a certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) clinician and incorporates mindfulness, empathy, and education into her work. While working together, Hanin focuses on developing new ways to cope, promoting insight, building resiliency, and developing a greater sense of self.

In her role serving students in LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, international, and first generation communities and identities, Hanin is dedicated to reflecting on and deconstructing her own internalized beliefs and biases. She continues to reassess how she contributes and maintains ongoing white supremacy, cis and hetero normativity, and inequalities in our healthcare system. Hanin hopes to create and foster an environment that is inclusive, respectful, safe, and welcoming for marginalized communities. 

Hanin identifies as BIPOC, cis-gendered woman from Palestine. She is bilingual (Arabic/English), a dual citizen, has lived internationally, and is a first generation immigrant. She transplanted to Minnesota in 2011 from Iowa.