Why Hispanic & Latin American Studies?

The department teaches the languages and cultures of the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian world.

We offer specialized courses in literature, linguistics, U.S. Latina/o studies, translation, and the visual arts.

We believe in serving the Twin Cities communities through service learning, participation in local cultural life, and internships, thereby educating our students both intellectually and civically to become the leaders of tomorrow.

What’s the Difference Between Hispanic Studies and Latin American Studies?

The Department of Hispanic Studies combines the study of Spanish and Portuguese languages with courses in literature, linguistics, and cultural studies that engage social concerns, artistic movements, and historical transformations.  Courses are taught primarily in Spanish and Portuguese. By contrast, the Latin American Studies Program (LAS) is an interdisciplinary area studies program. LAS includes many Hispanic Studies courses, as well as courses in Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, and Political Science.

Casa Hispana: On-Campus Spanish-Language Residence

Live in a great house where you can speak Spanish, participate in cultural events, and share a great space with warm community!

Residents must have completed HISP 204 or 220 (or have tested out of Macalester’s language requirement in Spanish), agree to speak only Spanish in the house, and must take a Hispanic Studies course (HISP) each semester they live in the house. Students who live in Casa Hispana are not required to be on a campus meal plan, though some decide to purchase the meal plan anyway, and applicants can choose from several single- and double-occupancy room options.

Applications for each upcoming academic year open in February or March. On the rare occasion we have an unexpected opening for Spring, a brief application period will come along in the October/November time period. We’ll always post here and in The Daily Piper when applications are open so you won’t miss out!

Check out our Casa page for more info.

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Fall 2015 Courses

  • Elementary Spanish I
  • Elementary Spanish II
  • Accelerated Beginning Spanish I
  • Accelerated Beginning Spanish II
  • Accelerated Elementary Portuguese
  • First Year Course — Susurros del Pasado: Whispers toward the 20th Century
  • Intermediate Spanish I
  • Intermediate Spanish II
  • Accelerated Intermediate Spanish
  • First Year Course — Oral & Written Expression: Intro to Hispanic Studies: Nuevea Orleans como Ciudad Afro-Latina
  • Oral & Written Expression: Introduction to Hispanic Studies
  • Introduction to the Analysis of Hispanic Texts
  • Introduction to U.S Latino/a Studies
  • Intro to Hispanic Linguistics
  • Junior Seminar
  • Topic: Hispanic Studies and Critical Theory
  • Modern Hispanic Novel and the Visual Arts
  • Spanish Dialectology
  • Frontera: The U.S./Mexico Border