Visiting Assistant Professor

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Basit Hammad Qureshi joined Macalester in 2017 as Visiting Assistant Professor of Medieval History. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota and his BA from Hendrix College. Professor Qureshi specializes in the political-cultural history of France and its relationship with the Islamic Mediterranean during the crusades. In his teaching, as in his research, he is committed to exploring historical issues in comparative contexts, explicitly working across geographical, cultural, and temporal boundaries. His interests include matters of interfaith cooperation/conflict, diplomacy and statecraft, the classical legacy in the pre-modern imagination, and environmental world history. He has previously taught in the departments of English and History at the University of Minnesota—Duluth and in the History Department at the University of Minnesota, where he also served as director of the “Making a Medieval Book” public school outreach program. 

Professor Qureshi is currently working on a book manuscript tentatively entitled Count-King Fulk V of Anjou: Crusade, Crisis, and Statecraft in France and the Eastern Mediterranean, 1090-1143. This monograph explores how the crusading phenomenon shaped the exercise and understanding of power and authority in Latin Christendom on the eve of the emergence of the medieval European state. His work has been supported by a variety of national and international organizations, including the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Council for European Studies, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Medieval Academy of America, and the U.S. Department of State.