Department Coordinator for History and Classics


Herta is the Department Coordinator of the Classics and History departments, and has served in this role since 2000. Before coming to Macalester, her work life included working as a daycare teacher and as an air traffic controller. She manages office services for Classics and History, with the assistance of the student employees she supervises. Herta has served on many campus committees, and assisted with several campus-wide projects. She currently serves on the Staff Affirmative Action Working Group. In the spring of 2010, Herta was awarded the Macalester Staff Outstanding Service award.

Herta has taken several history courses and German at Macalester.
Read her paper: “The Ripple Effect.” 
Read her paper: “Imagining the Unthinkable: The Forced Removal of Ethnic Germans at the End of World War II through the Stories of One Family.”

New faculty might find her Frequently Asked Questions page useful.