Visiting Assistant Professor

Old Main 406, 651-696-6144

Rebecca Church is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Medieval and Early Modern European History and World History. Professor Church attended Carleton College and the University of Minnesota for her BA in history and she received her MA and PhD in history from the University of Iowa in December of 2013.  Her dissertation research involved recreating the trans-Pyrenean networks of social and economic ties between medieval French monasteries and Andalusi, Aragonese, and Castilian kingdoms. Her scholarly interests include cross-cultural interactions in the medieval and early modern worlds, women and religion in the medieval world, veiling and cloistering across cultures, pilgrimage, and monasticism. Professor Church teaches courses on Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Ancient and Medieval Middle East and Mediterranean, Medieval Iberia, World History, Religious Movements of the Middle Ages, Holy War in East and West, and Love in the Middle Ages.