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Yue-Him Tam


Old Main 303


Professor Yue-Him Tam does research in modern Japanese and Chinese intellectual history and Sino-Japanese relations. He teaches courses on both China and Japan in modern and traditional periods, as well as an introductory course on East Asian civilizations covering Korea and Vietnam in addition to Japan and China. He also offers a topic course on war crimes and memory in contemporary East Asia. Tam has published widely in English, Chinese and Japanese. He is past president of the San Francisco-based Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia, former member of the Advisory Board of the East Asian Library Journal (Princeton University), and Academic Adviser to the 76-volume series Historical Sources of the Nanjing Massacre (Nanjing, 2005-2012). Since the early 1980’s Tam has been serving on the board of The Association for Studies of Sino-Japanese Relations (Beijing, China) and the executive board of The Association for Japanese Historical Studies (Tianjin, China). He also sits on the trustee boards of some independent and public schools in Hong Kong and Saint Paul, and holds honorary and visiting academic positions in Japan, Hong Kong, China and the Mid-West of the United States.