Macalester Health Professionals Student Coalition (HPSC) is a student-run club designed for any Mac student interested in a career in health care. The goals of HPSC are to network with other pre-health students, connect with Macalester alumni in health-related fields, invite guest speakers from health professions, and organize group community outreach and service activities.  If you are interested in becoming a member of HPSC or want to know more, contact them at Updated information about events and information can be found at the website ( You can also join the Facebook group ( ) or follow HPSC on Twitter (@MacalesterHPSC).

Macalester First Aid (MFA) is a student organization that supports students interested in first responder training and more. MFA aims to bring emergency medical education and service to the Macalester College community. MFA holds regular CPR/AED classes throughout the semester and offers at least one EMT-B course every year.  At our weekly meetings we run through medical/trauma scenarios, give presentations on current medical practices, and practice response techniques through continuing education. Contact MFA at to learn more.

Macalester Global Health (MGH) is a student organization for students interested in public health. Contact MGH at