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The Macalester Community
responds to Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Relief Trip
January 12-21, 2006

Twenty-two students and eight staff members went to Gulfport, Miss. to provide hurricane relief. They have posted updates about the trip online. The group will present to the community about their service at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7 in Kagin Commons Alexander G. Hill Ballroom.
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Please use this Website and bulletin board to communicate with others in the Macalester community and help bring relief to the many people who have suffered loss due to Hurricane Katrina.

Discuss Hurricane Katrina with the Macalester community

Read posts from alumni, students, faculty and Macalester families who have been directly impacted by Katrina, or have heard reports regarding other Macalester community members.
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Students document
Hurricane Katrina in report

Twenty-five students in Professor Roopali Phadke's environmental studies course "Water and Power" wrote a report "Exposing Hurricane Katrina: The Scope of an Unnatural Disaster" in an attempt to re-imagine the ways we can manage water infrastructure and why Hurricane Katrina left an indelible mark on our natural and political landscape.
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Macalester welcomes students
from institutions affected by Hurricane Katrina

Four students who usually attend college in New Orleans are studying at Macalester over Fall Semester. Two students are from Tulane University and two are from Dillard University.

Hear a musical response to losses suffered in New Orleans
Darius Collins '96 (a.k.a. Pee Wee Dred), of the reggae band Dred I Dread, shares this song recorded in response to the losses suffered by families and friends in New Orleans.
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Studying in Japan leads to warm welcome at Macalester
Macalester student Ruth Chiu and displaced Dillard University student Teresa Williamson are featured in a Star Tribune story published Oct. 5, about their reunion at Macalester after studying abroad together in Japan last spring.
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Contribute to Katrina relief efforts

South Asia
earthquake discussion
A devastating earthquake occured in Pakistan on Oct. 8, killing over 45,000. Many Macalester alumni and students have been affected by this tragedy and can use your support.
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One of the most effective ways to help the hurricane relief effort is to make a financial contribution to a well-established, nonprofit organization already responding to the disaster. Consider contributing to a charity of your choice to assist the victims of the storm. These organizations include the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and others.
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