Staff Assistant

Markim Hall, 305

I provide administrative, program and office management support to the Civic Engagement Center. I handle and processes payments/deposits and track budgets for the department and multiple funds and projects. I coordinate the logistics of events and design and create publication material for events and programs. My duties also include website management, database maintenance and compilation of program data. Student employee coordination is also a part of my work; I supervise and schedule student employees and provide them with a supportive and learning environment. I work closely with other departments on campus to develop creative technical solutions and to provide the best experiences for students.

I started at Macalester in Fall 2006, after working in the nonprofit, government and environmental fields in various administrative and technical positions.

I grew up in the Twin Cities, currently live in the Macalester/Groveland neighborhood and enjoy being able to introduce students to the area.

  • Provides administrative and program support to the Civic Engagement Center
  • Processes payments, deposits, etc for departments, Action Fund and other miscellaneous projects
  • Manages website and database maintenance
  • Compiles student involvement data
  • Designs and creates publication material