Ethnic Studies & Campus Activism

A Collaborative Project: Annan Institute for Global Citizenship, Department of Multicultural Life, and American Studies

Hana Dinku, Director of Diversity Education, Leadership & Inclusion, DML
Professor Duchess Harris, American Studies, Faculty Fellow, Annan IGC

In the United States, the field of ethnic studies evolved out of student activism. Most disciplines began in the Academy and have stayed in the Academy. Ethnic Studies is different. The Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s and early 1970s contributed to growing self-awareness and radicalization of people of color such as African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, and Indigenous People. Ethnic Studies departments were established on college campuses across the country and have grown to encompass African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano Studies, and Native American Studies. What is the history of Ethnic Studies at Macalester College? Also, how does this knowledge transpire in communiversities in the Twin Cities, such as Nu Skool? This course will teach students how student and community activism have led to the creation of Ethnic Studies departments on college campuses, and will provide student an opportunity to explore the tools and strategies utilized in these movements.

Ethnic Studies & Campus Activism FINAL Syllabus Mod 5