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The Global Citizenship Student Award is presented annually by Macalester College to the graduating senior/seniors who best demonstrate a commitment to the ideals and practice of high academic performance, internationalism, multiculturalism, and civic engagement. Candidates must be nominated by a Macalester College faculty or staff member.

Criteria for nomination and selection include:

  • Superior academic achievement
  • Leadership in local, national, and/or international civic contexts
  • The student’s ability to articulate their potential future intellectual, personal and/or professional commitments toward advancing their concept of global citizenship

Nahla Almbaid ’20

Introduction by Sarah West, Professor of Economics

Remarks by Nahla Almbaid

Ikran Sheikh-Mursal ’20

Introduction by Sedric McClure, Assistant Dean in Department of Multicultural Life

Remarks by Ikran Sheikh-Mursal

Phuong Nguyen ’20

Introduction by Christie Manning, Professor of Environmental Studies

Remarks by Phuong Nguyen


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