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The Global Citizenship Student Award is presented annually by Macalester College to the graduating senior/seniors who best demonstrate a commitment to the ideals and practice of high academic performance, internationalism, multiculturalism, and civic engagement. Candidates must be nominated by a Macalester College faculty or staff member.

Criteria for nomination and selection include:

  • Superior academic achievement
  • Leadership in local, national, and/or international civic contexts
  • The student’s ability to articulate their potential future intellectual, personal and/or professional commitments toward advancing their concept of global citizenship

Chiagoziem Anigbogu ’21

Introduction by the Department of Biology

“Chi is a kind, smart, and humble student who embodies everything this award seeks to recognize. He is an outstanding scholar who has sought out opportunities to grow by applying his learning in research labs at Macalester College and Mayo Clinic, by service and community engagement at Macalester and in the broader Twin Cities community, and through active participation and leadership in the life of the College.”

Wanda Barradas ’21

Introduction by Prof. Karin Vélez, History

“Wanda’s academic prowess is impressive, but I would like to speak here about her superior courage and leadership, on campus and nationally, in advancing rights for undocumented students. Her personal mission to improve their situation at Macalester and across the United States is a model for what global citizenship should be, stressing inclusivity, compassion and justice across national borders.”

Ana Gvozdic ’21

Introduction by Prof. Nadya Nedelsky, International Studies

“Ana’s work as a Macalester student, both in the classroom and in civil society, reflects a profound and borderless sense of civic responsibility….Ana’s qualities of mind, character, and track record of leadership offer compelling evidence that she will go on to advance her vision of global citizenship—focusing on inclusive peace, gender equality, and environmental justice—with great integrity and success.”

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