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Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

Erika Busse-Cárdenas, Department of Sociology

Photo of Erika Busse-CardenasRecognizing Professor Busse-Cárdenas for her leadership as an outstanding mentor for Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellows and first-generation BIPOC students. In the past few years, Erika served as an official and unofficial faculty mentor for no less than five Mellon-Mays Fellows: Victoria-Jo Gapuz ’21, Gabi Estrada ’21, Wanda Barradas ’21, Tonantzin Cabrera ’22, and Maria Arreola ’21. Her generosity with her time and energy, her fierce advocating for her advisees, her wise advice and inspiring role-modeling, and her capacity to work with such a wide range and number of students is truly the stuff of legend. 

Presented by the 2021 Mellon-Mays Advisory Team (Karin Vélez, Donna Maeda, Ruth Janisch, Matt Katsaros)

Annan IGC Dean’s Special Institution-Changer Award

For the past year, it has become common to note that the COVID-19 pandemic has lifted the veil on social inequities that are the result of ongoing effects of disparities of power that are built into histories, structures, practices, and ideologies of the U.S. In this context, we lift up the work of students who push for new understandings of the complicities of our highly selective liberal arts college in these structures and dynamics, who demand accountability, and who work for change.

We announce that special IGC Dean’s Institution-Changer Awards go to seniors Fatiya Kedir and Jennings Mergenthal. Both awardees have prompted the campus to do a deeper reckoning with ongoing legacies of settler colonialism, gendered anti-Blackness and systemic racism. 

Photo of Fatiya KedirFatiya Kedir (International Studies major, Political Science minor) has contributed to significant changes from multiple leadership positions at Macalester. As she leads, Fatiya intentionally asks the campus to consider what it means when Black women lead, while also supporting others to step into their own leadership. She inspires others to contribute to projects that support communities that tend to not receive the care that they need. She brings attention to structures and practices of racism and creates initiatives for those most affected by the exclusions and limits of those structures. In her time at Macalester, Fatiya has

Photo of Jennings MergenthalJennings Mergenthal (History and Biology majors, Political Science minor) has continually pushed the college to reckon with our complicity with the damages of settler colonialism, including stolen lands, denial of sovereignty, and the erasure of Indigenous peoples. Jennings’ research, critical excavation, and organizing have pushed the campus to make changes that move toward taking responsibility for ending institutional complicities with ongoing effects of settler colonialism. While a student at Macalester, Jennings has:

Congratulations, Fatiya and Jennings!

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