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Plenary reflections…

T. Alexander Aleinikoff, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR): “It was wonderful to be able to participate in two student-organized workshops, and to discuss the challenges confronting the world’s refugees. I found Macalester an engaged and engaging community, interested in learning about global problems—and more importantly, interested in doing something about them.”

John Jota Leaños, new media artist, animator, social documentarian, and associate professor of Documentation at University of California, Santa Cruz: “I had a wonderful time talking and interacting with students, faculty and parents during my visit to Macalester. Overall I found Macalester students extremely engaged, bright and open to creative and intellectual growth. Macalester faculty mirrored this openness and modeled a deep dedication to mentorship. The International Roundtable established a context for dialogue and learning and seemed to include a variety of students from across disciplines. I was honored to participate.”

Aihwa Ong, professor of Sociocultural Anthropology and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley: “I was so energized by the intellectual curiosity and professional conduct of your students, many of whom seem on par with first year graduate students. Bravo!”

  • 1900+

    Overall attendance at IRT 2014 Migration events

  • 900+

    Attendance at student-led workshops

  • 800+

    Attendance at four plenary talks

  • 80+

    Volunteers during the four days of the IRT

  • 17

    Student-led workshops spread over three days

  • 28

    Students involved in organizing and leading one of the 17 workshops

  • 18

    Faculty mentors for students leading workshops

  • 77

    Expert panelists at student-led workshops