The Brain: migration

The Brain Project is based on BrainTechnology a mindmapping software that gathers and organizes information by linking concepts to one another; one such map of links is called a “brain.”

In preparation for this year’s 21st Annual International Roundtable – MIGRATION –  the Institute for Global Citizenship will use the Brain Project to map out Macalester’s footprint on migraiton. The Brain helps visualize the different areas of migration that the Macalester community is involved with from a wide array of disciplines. It helps link student, staff, faculty and alumni with other members of the Macalester community that are working on similar topics, from student honors theses linked with faculty research publications to students internship sites with alumni vocations.

Are you planning on attending this year’s International Roundtable? The Brain will help you bridge the gap between your own research/activity interests and that of other Macalester members. You are now able to reach out to those with similar interests outside of your discipline to have a more wholesome approach to understanding migration.