FALL:  OCTOBER 27, 2014

All proposals must be submitted BY EMAIL no later than 11:59 pm on the deadline. Proposals must meet the selection criteria listed above and follow the formatting guidelines listed below and be no longer than the page limits indicated.

Submit your proposal to:
Karin Trail-Johnson, and cc Christy Heal
Subject line: The Action Fund

1.  Title Page (limit one page)

  • Project Title
  • Lead student(s) name, address, phone, email and class year.
  • Community partner organization.  Please indicate the primary contact person.
  • Short (2 - 3 sentence) summary of the project.
  • Total amount of project funding requested ($100-$1,000).

2.  Project Narrative (limit two pages single-spaced)

Use the following headings in bold to organize your response, and provide narrative responses to each:

A.  Project Overview (Action Components): Please describe your project and the unmet community need or issue it will address. Identify two to three project objectives. What does a successful project look like to you?

B.  Community Collaboration: Please describe your relationship with your partnering organization, and how you selected them. Describe their role in the development of this project, and how this fits into their mission and goals. Describe any previous work that has been done by the organization on this issue.

C.  Student Motivations and Roles: What are your motivations and passions related to this project? How do your skills and experiences complement and support the community in addressing this need/issue?

D.  Additional Student Involvement: Describe how you will elicit additional student participation and contribution.

E.  Learning/Education Components: How will your group reflect internally on the things you learn throughout the project? What are your ideas for sharing learnings with the greater Macalester community upon completion of the project?

F.  Sustainability: How will the project or its outcomes be sustained past the grant period? What “lasting legacies” do you hope to create through this project?

3. Attachments

G.  Workplan and Timeline (limit one page): Describe what is going to be done, by whom, and when. This should be a one page attachment, formatted either as a table or a bulleted list, with tasks listed in chronological order.  Projects must be started within five months of being accepted, and be completed within twelve months of being accepted.

H.  Budget (limit one page): Please be detailed and separately list each item for which you are requesting funding, and the cost of each item. Please include a description for any item that is not self-explanatory. If other funds in addition to The Action Fund grant will support the project, please describe those.

I.  Community Support (limit one page): Please include an email or letter of support from your community partner organization. One or two paragraphs is sufficient. Ask your community partner to comment on their involvement in the development of the project and their commitment towards its completion and continuation if applicable. 

Each applicant or applicant group (the one or more "lead" students on the project) will meet with the Action Fund Committee for approximately 15 minutes during the review process. This allows the committee to ask follow-up questions, and provides an opportunity for the applicant(s) to clarify the project and ask questions as well.  Applicants will be asked to sign up for a meeting that works for their schedule after they submit their application. Decisions about funding are made after all interviews are completed, and decisions are communicated to applicants within a week of the interviews.