Dara Hoppe ’10 Dara created and facilitated a jewelry-making workshop for people living in the Brazilian Amazon. The workshop taught community members— primarily subsistence farmers—to generate an environmentally sustainable, alternate source of income using seeds to create jewelry. The project brought to the community sewing machines, as well as a computer and a small law library to help support local farmers in complex land-rights cases. Prior to the workshop, women had few opportunities to gather. Making and marketing the jewelry united women in continuing relationships. Trading and collecting seeds raised consciousness about ways to benefit from local natural resources. Dara continues to establish markets for the jewelry in the United States.
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Fiorella Ormeño Incio ’09Fiorella organized a series of Peace Building Workshops in public and private schools throughout Peru, which were aimed at defusing racial and gender discrimination issues in high schools. These workshops trained teacher-leaders from local schools to identify discrimination and support their students’ conflict resolution skills. The teachers stepped beyond the workshops to develop a book of strategies for teachers and students in affected communities, and students established Peace Clubs in their schools, helping ensure the ongoing effect of the project.
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