3.10 Involuntary Leave

A student may be placed on involuntary leave when they demonstrate developing and/or continuing behavior which threatens the life and/or health of themselves or another member of the Macalester community. An involuntary leave will also be considered if there are clear indicators a student will be unable to make academic progress. This policy will be used when disciplinary sanctions and temporary emergency action do not apply to the situation.

Involuntary leave will be used only after measures to avoid the necessity of such a leave have been undertaken. This policy will be administered by the Office of Student Affairs.

The decision to place a student on involuntary leave is based upon descriptions of behavior that is so extraordinary or disruptive that intervention is required to protect personal and community safety or to prevent significant adverse effect on the academic welfare of the student or others. Behavior resulting in an involuntary leave will be documented in written incident reports, past reports, professional assessment of behavior and notes on oral reports, all of which will be available to the student. This information may be provided by staff, with written releases of information (Health and Wellness Center), outside professionals, other students, the individual and their family.

The Dean of Students is responsible for placing a student on involuntary leave. Prior to implementing the leave, the Dean will consult with College staff who have not dealt with the specific instance that precipitates the leave. Those consulted could include a member of the Academic Standing Committee, the student's academic adviser, and members of the Office of Student Affairs staff.

When a decision of an involuntary leave has been made, the Dean of Students will present this decision in writing to the student and parents/guardians. That communication will describe the behavior that resulted in the involuntary leave, the financial and academic status of the student at the College at the time of the leave and the expectations of the College for readmission. The involuntary leave will take effect immediately upon the notification by the Dean. The policies related to leaves of absence will also apply. The student may communicate with the Dean of Students to discuss services available off campus, interim methods of sustaining the educational process, progress toward the conditions for readmission, and the preparation of the request for readmission.

When the student requests readmission, the request will be presented at lease two months prior to the beginning of the term for which enrollment is being sought. The request for readmission must be in writing and should include a personal statement of the student describing what changes have occurred during the leave and how such changes or events demonstrate the likelihood of successful enrollment. That statement may be supported by the observations and recommendations of persons with whom the student has worked during the leave, such as supervisors, professors and health practitioners. The Dean of Students will make a final determination on readmission and communicate with the student.   Amended 1/09