6.7 Hosting Guests with Alcohol Present - Responsible Host Policy

(See Campus Policies - Alcohol and Illegal Drug Policy for hosting events with alcohol outside of student rooms)

Macalester students hosting a social gathering in College owned housing where alcohol will be consumed or which may draw attention to itself due to noise or other circumstances must complete a party notification form and have it on file with their Residence Hall Director (RHD). Because it is important to maintain academic integrity and respect for others in the community within on-campus housing, events such as these can only occur on Friday and Saturday evenings. Registrations will not be accepted for events scheduled to occur during Orientation, break periods, or final examination weeks. Registrations will be accepted if the following conditions are met: At least one responsible host must be named for the event. For larger events, RHDs reserve the right to ask for more hosts. The host will:

    • File the registration form with their RHD by Thursday at noon before the weekend of the intended event.
    • Be held responsible for their guests'’ behavior.
    • Be responsible for ensuring that only those of legal drinking age are served if alcohol is present.
    • Be held accountable for monitoring noise levels and intoxicated guests and not allowing them to be further provided with alcohol.
    • Be present for the duration of the party and maintain personal control required to monitor activity.
  • Social gatherings must end by the start of quiet hours (1:00am).
  • All events must be conducted in accordance with College policies and Minnesota state laws.
  • The number of people in attendance cannot exceed the number of allowed guests as listed in the guest policy. Residence Life staff reserves the right to limit the number of guests who can reasonably be in attendance.
  • No alcohol will be sold and charging admittance is not permitted.
  • Common-source alcohol (such as kegs or punch bowls) is prohibited.
  • If alcohol is being served, an equal amount of non-alcoholic drinks and substantial snacks (ex. pretzels) must be provided.
  • Campus security officers will be made aware of the event and have the right to check in at any time. If at any point the party become out of control, a responsible host should call security for assistance.
  • Residence Life staff reserve the right to deny acceptance of any registration form.

Any unauthorized parties are subject to the campus’s conduct process. Hosts of such a party, or those assigned to the living space, will be held accountable for their guests’ actions. Further questions regarding the hosting policy can be addressed to your RHD or the Office of Residential Life.