Our Mission

Macalester recognizes internships as an integral part of its curriculum, enabling students to participate in structured, supervised learning experiences off campus. The Internship Program strives to provide out-of-classroom opportunities which help students build on and enhance previous course work completed in a discipline by integrating distinctive work-learning experience off the campus with related curricular choices to reinforce learning on campus. The Internship Program is an academic unit designed to serve students who undertake an internship for course credit. Students may engage in internships in a variety of settings which match their academic goals, including nonprofit organizations, government and business.


  1. To provide opportunities for students to examine first-hand knowledge and theories learned in the classroom for their wider impact on society and the world at large.
  2. To provide opportunities for students to evaluate and apply a body of knowledge and methods of inquiry from an academic discipline.
  3. To provide students access to a larger or different “laboratory” of equipment and/or situations not easily obtained or available on campus.
  4. To provide students expanded opportunities for self-directed learning.
  5. To enable students to develop work competencies for specific professions and to explore career interests and form networks.
  6. To provide opportunities for students to develop intellectual and professional partnerships.