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Thank you for your willingness to work with Macalester students through our Academic Internship Program.

By participating, you will be engaging in an educational strategy that links classroom learning and “real-life” applications. For this to be successful, you need to provide challenging, substantial work experiences for students and agree to supervise and evaluate their performance. In exchange, you and your organization should receive valuable work contributions and energy from creative, highly motivated, inquisitive students who may one day enter the work force in your field.

Students consistently identify their internship experiences as being some of the most influential and meaningful components of their college education, and you will be playing a major role.

What is expected of employers/sites?

Post an Internship

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Develop an internship position description
  • Post the internship
  • Orient the intern to the organization and train for the job
  • Provide valuable work experience and regular supervision
  • Complete an evaluation midway through the term
  • Complete a final evaluation