At the end of the internship, the faculty sponsor will award a grade (or an S/D/NC option) and credit based on how the student demonstrates what has been learned during the experience.

In assigning a grade, the faculty sponsor will consider:

  1. Feedback received from the internship site supervisor via mid-term and final evaluations (these are forwarded as they are gathered by the Internship Program);
  2. Ongoing communications with the student during the course of the internship;
  3. The content of a site visit report, if one is done (the Internship Director makes about twenty site visits a term); and
  4. Learning outcome measures (assignments) as defined in the Learning Contract. It is suggested that these assignments include reflections on personal, professional, and academic lessons learned by the student over the course of the internship.

Expectations for learning outcomes should correspond to the number of credits earned (i.e. more should be expected for a 4-credit than a 2-credit internship).