“I don’t want to leave this internship. I have learned so much this past semester, and I’ve barely scratched the surface … through this internship, I have found my study abroad program, my research project, and my senior honors thesis. I have discovered my graduate work and my likely career path. (It) has ignited in me an all-consuming passion for issues of post-conflict transformation, a passion that demands nothing less than my life’s work.”

“The technical work in my internship is more challenging than most in-class projects.  It demands a higher level of creativity, analysis, and problem-solving because the data is not “clean.” Everything I do here is meaningful to someone.”

“Personally, this internship helped me grow by introducing me to potential paths and applications of work I am interested in that I would never see at Macalester…It was a great experience to be part of a comprehensive organization with high standards and on top of its game…I got to do fantastic work from which I learned a lot and advanced me professionally.”

“If anything this summer, it confirmed all the reasons why I want to pursue medicine and took away a lot of my doubts. The environment is very intimidating and it was great exposure, because now I am much more comfortable in the work setting and talking to patients.”

“I realized that I really want to do this kind of work as a career. On a more personal level, I believe that this experience was therapeutic in some ways…It made me feel as though I had a model to follow, build upon, or compare my own ideas and future initiatives to.”

“This internship showed me that I am passionate about youth development and that I want to continue working with kids in some capacity in the future.”

“I learned a lot about the value of hard work during the course of my internship.  I discovered that having a good work ethic pays off in many ways.”

“The internship gave me a direct and firsthand perspective on the workings and intricacies of the state legislature.  I learned to be a more independent worker, and the internship confirmed my intention to enter politics as a career.”

“This experience gave me a nitty gritty understanding of what goes into community organizing and what goes into running/building a non-profit.”

“I have been participating in theater since I was seven years old, but never have I felt more compelled to get to a theater and really experience the art as I have since I’ve worked at The Playwrights’ Center.  This place is really the heart of the theater–so many great things are happening every second, and I LOVE IT!”

“I had the most amazing experience at my internship site.   It was so useful and rewarding complete work that was so hands on, and to fully immerse myself in what I was doing.  I loved that I had so much freedom and responsibility.   I learned that sometimes it is important to take time to do what is necessary of oneself in the moment-and this project was exactly it for me!”

“I liked that this internship gave me the opportunity to work in the office and out in the community.  The best part of the internship, apart from being part of an amazing team, was definitely going out into the community.”