Complete the Following Paperwork

Final Evaluation of Intern form
We will send this form to your site supervisor to complete and return to our office. Make sure to schedule a meeting to review this with your employer and process your internship experience.

Internship Self Evaluation and Evaluation of Site
Evaluate the site, supervisor, and learning experience. Be honest – your feedback is confidential and cannot be shared with anyone beyond your professor and this office without your written consent (FERPA laws protect you).

Copies of these two evaluations are shared with your faculty sponsor.

Learning Outcome Measures/Assignments from your Learning Contract.
Complete these as negotiated and turn them in to your faculty sponsor at the end of the term.

Reflecting on Your Experience

Done on an ongoing basis, this practice allows you to track your experiences, accomplishments, reactions, questions, and thoughts as they happen and are fresh in your mind. Not only does it help you process what you are going through but facilitates the regular communications with your professor and the end-term summary reflection project.  

Summary Reflection Project
The standard final internship assignment is a retrospective reflective paper or presentation on what you learned over the full course of the internship from personal, professional, and academic perspectives. It also requires you to comprehensively review all this information and explore more deeply patterns of behavior, insights, and connections that will impact your course of study, career, and personal development. Reviewing your journal makes it easy to look for key points, trends, and significant issues, while also allowing you to measure how you have grown during the term. 

Attaining Closure in Your Internship Experience

With Your Coworkers/Clients

Make certain to complete your tasks/projects in a meaningful way (you want your efforts to ultimately be useful to the organization), and seek closure with your co-workers. Thank them for their support and ask for pertinent feedback; co-workers often have more useful insights into your performance, attitude, and growth than a supervisor because they have seen you on a more regular basis.

With Your Supervisor

In anticipation of your final performance evaluation, ask your supervisor to be honest and constructive in her/his evaluation of you. One invariably receives far more useful feedback if the evaluator has permission to be straightforward. Remember, you are here to learn what you can, and it is to your long-term advantage to get as much useful information as you can from this unique situation! Do not be concerned about how a “more critical” evaluation will affect your grade, for you can address this in detail with your faculty sponsor in person and through your own “Self-Evaluation of Growth”.

With Yourself

Most importantly, examine your own growth and how your experience has affected you academically, professionally, and personally. Review your Learning Contract and read through your journal entries looking for significant incidents, patterns, and insights. Note what you accomplished, skills/knowledge learned, confidence gained. Also recognize areas to be addressed in the future for continued growth.  

With Your Host Organization

Communicate in writing your appreciation to your supervisor and co-workers for the time, attention and opportunity they provided you. This is an important professional courtesy and can benefit you in future networking.

With Your Faculty Sponsor

Arrange a final meeting with your professor to review the internship, review your required assignment(s) as outlined in your Learning Contract, and discuss future plans.

Last But Not Least

Use this process to think about how you will describe this internship experience in future job interviews, on your resume, and in your “elevator speech.”